Top 5 Reasons to go on a Spiritual Retreat

There are many options available to anyone looking to take some time off, but sometimes a “vacation” doesn’t give you the “juice” that you are looking for. Sight-seeing with the family is fine, but at a certain point in our lives we are looking for a deeper experience, something that offers us a spiritual perspective or direction in our lives. There are many options available for those seeking something “more”.  Yoga, meditation, art, chanting, and Yatras are all readily available for the seeker in any number of exotic locals. Mexico, India, Costa Rica, mountain retreats and oceans retreats are all beckoning to us (especially when the weather gets cold where we are) but if you are still on the fence, here are some very practical reasons to make the commitment to your self and answer the longing of your soul.

1. Get Clarity

Sometimes you have to step outside of your life see things as they really are. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when we are caught up in the day-to-day details of our, lives and business.  Being away from our regular lives allows us to empty the mind of the clutter and create space for clarity.

2. Make a Breakthrough

To see the way through whatever challenges we are facing, we need to be in touch with our creativity. When we step away from our daily lives and get some distance, it becomes easier to see how we got to where are and what the way forward is. Revelation and inspiration strike in our unguarded moments; when we stop “trying” often the solutions just appear.

3. Get the Download

Sometimes it is impossible to receive the very important messages that are waiting for you from the divine amidst the clutter and distractions of our daily lives. Whether it is a new business venture or a new love relationship, often the answers and information are waiting for us, we just need to be in a space where we can hear them.

4. Connect with Nature

This busy modern world of computers and cell phones has many of us wired in and constantly stimulated. Taking some time to unplug and walk along the beach or through a forest makes all the difference in the world. Fresh air, negative ions and being near plants and animals helps us to unwind and relax. Nothing like staring at the stars in the night sky to gain some perspective on what is really important in our lives.

5. You Deserve It

If you think about everything that you do and how much effort goes into serving your friends, loved ones and colleagues, then you know that you need some down time to reconnect with your source. Remember when you fly, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others? This is the same thing; we all need a breath of fresh air from time to time to enable us to continue to be effective at what we do in our lives.

I am consistently amazed by the breakthroughs and transformations that can occur during the course of a week. When people come to together united in the purpose of growing spiritually there is no limit to what they can accomplish. I have seen the life-long fear of water confronted and with the support of the group conquered. This could have taken long years of therapy to address and may not have even had such an effective result. So what are you waiting for?

Answer the call of your spirit and make a plan to join a retreat that will help you do what you came here to do. In the wise words of Yogi Bhajan: “You owe it to yourself to be yourself”.

You Can Make Real Change!

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