Krishna Das is one of the most beloved singers of chant music, and these five albums are some of the most beloved kirtan albums of all time. Choosing the top 5 Krishna Das Cd’s wasn’t easy but it made for some beautiful listening.

Pilgrim Heart

This record, Krishna Das’s second, established his style of east-west fushion.  It has become a cherished record, selling well over 25,000 copies and counting.  It even features Sting on two tracks!

Live on Earth

This Live album is definitely at the top of Krishna Das’s CD’s…it’s his best selling record ever!  The energizing feeling of a full band with audience participation is sublime and takes the experience of kirtan to a truly devotional place.

Heart Full of Soul

This CD encompasses a night full of kirtan and a heart full of soul.  While staying true to his Bhakti roots, Krishna Das incorporated modern grooves and harmonies, including the gospel song “Jesus on the Main Line”.

Door of Faith

In this intimate album, Krishna Das recorded without the Kirtan Posse.  The effect is a personal and expansive experience with kirtan.

All One

Hauntingly inspirational, the tracks on All One can accompany your devotional practice.

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