There are many programs for you to select from and all of them will provide a unique learning experience, but a KRI Level One Teacher Training Immersion in Kundalini Yoga is an “experience” like no other.

Check out these top 10 Experiences:

1.  Immerse Yourself Completely in a Kundalini Yoga Lifestyle.

As you embark on the journey to become a teacher, there is something deeply powerful about giving yourself an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a Kundalini Yoga lifestyle and community during the process.  Immersions give you this unique gift where you can leave the distractions of your day-to-day life while you completely focus on life as a Kundalini Yogi as you prepare for life as a Kundalini Yoga teacher!


2.  Experience Harmony in a Group

Living together during an experience as transformational as teacher training is definitely a pressure cooker…but out of this form of pressure comes diamonds and pure GRACE!  As you meditate each day with your peers, you will experience a deep and profound level of harmony and group consciousness.  It’s pretty amazing.

3.  Experience Deep and Profound Meditations

And speaking of those meditations, when was the last time you took 28 days to focus on YOU?  To give you the time and space to practice hours of meditation and yoga everyday, to really “go deep” with meditations as long as 2 1/2 hours supported by experienced teachers and a group of peers helping you keep up at every turn?  Teacher Training is one of the most precious experiences in a Kundalini yogi’s life.  Don’t miss this chance to go deep.

4.  Experience Global Diversity within the Course

Expand your world by expanding your view point.  You will be in a very international group, and will have your heart opened to so many new cultures and ways of living.  You will make friends to visit all over the world, and will find yourself free to be the true you, to live your Sat Nam, in a non-judgmental environment.

5.  Experience a Variety of Teaching and Training Styles

One of the great parts of training with KRI is that there are so many teachers who are a part of this training program.  This allows you to experience many different styles of teaching, ways of training so that you can get information in the way that works best for you and also help you develop your personal teaching style in a way that is resonant and authentic.

6.  Experience the Vibrational Resonance of the Master’s Touch

This experience is one of the most subtle…and most profound parts of Teacher Training, but its also the hardest to describe.  While entering into Training as a teacher of Kundalini yoga, you become a part of the Golden Chain. You become a student of Yogi Bhajan’s and his subtle body enters into a direct teaching with your subtle body, giving you a literal “Master’s Touch”.

This is experienced differently by everyone.  Some feel his touch, some hear his voice, some just develop a respect and reverence for him that is deeply profound.  It’s impossible to predict how the Master’s Touch will impact you, but impact you it will as you resonate with the vibrational frequency of the Golden Chain.

7.  Experience the Power of Daily Group Sadhana

Sadhana is more powerful in a group.  Now imagine daily sadhana in a group, with both your fellow teacher trainees and yogis who have been practicing for decades.  Your personal practice will reach new heights and depths.

8.  Experience an Uplifting Interlude from Daily Life

Sometimes we just need to take a time-out from our life to gain distance and perspective.  We need to push pause on all the pressing demands on our time and energy, devoting ourselves to the inner world with compassion and dedication.  Such a time-out from daily life is an amazing uplifting experience.  You are stronger than you know.

9.  Experience Kundalini Yoga as a Self-Healing Practice

Kundalini yoga gives you tools to heal yourself.  You can learn to heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally from a variety of things that are challenging you.  Kundalini yoga is profoundly self-healing, and in being so, is remarkably empowering.  Try it for yourself!

10.  Experience Your Inner Strength in Challenging Situations

The one thing Kundalini yoga Teacher Training isn’t is easy.  You will be challenged in yoga, challenged in meditation and challenged as your “stuff” comes up and out.  But what you’ll find is an inner strength you never knew you had, and you will navigate all these challenges, with support around you on all sides.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself the gift of transformation and joy?


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