The path of the devotional musician is beset by challenges.  The very possibility of delivering grace, inspiration and ultimately, connection relies completely on the musician’s commitment to be in the moment and “pay attention” to what is.  Markus and Angelika, who form the profoundly affecting duo known as Mirabai, have demonstrated just such a commitment with their newest co-creation, Awakened Earth, remarkably produced by Jamshied Sharifi.  This album showcases the authentic songbird voice of two people who have developed the capacity to allow the expression of the Universe to come through them.  The album should come with some kind of warning, “This album is a spiritual experience.  Prepare to leave the mundane world behind.”

We are lead in with a spiritual one-two punch beginning with a super-sweet version of “Ong Namo” right into the protective mantra, “Aad Guray Nameh”.  This is followed by a beautiful “Har Mukanday”, preparing us for our liberation.  Next, they go deep with one of the greatest mantras, “Sat Guru Prasad”. This love letter of gratitude to the divine is frankly disarming.  The listener feels as if they are being prepared for…well…take-off.  And then it happens! with “Guru Ramdas Rakho Sarnaee”, Mirabai reaches straight to infinity and carries us with them.  It is haunting, powerful.  We have left the building.  We have left the planet.  A transformation is taking place.  We are part of it.  Then, we are treated to a cheery, rhythmic and flute-filled “Siri Akal”, which is upbeat and grounding.  The prayerful “Shree Ma” carries us deeper into devotion, in this case, to the feminine energy of the Universe.  “Oh My Soul” is a meditative version of Kabir’s Song, describing a person’s conversation with their Soul.  The tune draws us inward toward self-reflection, bringing us back into our bodies.  We have been on a journey and now we have returned.  What do we do next?  The final track, “Go In Beauty”, may have some clues for us.

Awakened Earth is a must-have for anyone interested in the path of yoga and transformation.  It offers a complete spiritual experience in and of itself.  The album is aptly named for it not only comes from the awakened consciousness of these amazing musicians, but it also guides us, the listeners, along the path toward the same.  Enjoy Your Awakening!

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