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Kundalini Yoga is an excellent technology in teaching one how to be a fully functioning being while moving with the ebbs and flows of life. Much of our human suffering has to do with the struggle of our will versus the flow of life. The reality is that in life there are ups and downs, but who we are should never change despite the outside circumstances. That sounds all well and good, but how do we actually apply this? It is through intuition, caliber, and resilience.


When you do not have intuition, you are internally and externally blind. There is so much more to the world than what you see with the physical eyes. With intuition, one can truly see a person or situation and have a sense of knowing without having to think about it. Intuition is also our own self-guidance, which is essential to our everyday existence. The trouble is that for many of us, we have been taught that our intuition is wrong and what we feel isn’t valid.

There are many people out there who claim to have the answers, but only you truly know. If any teacher tells you otherwise, run in the other direction. Trust me, any decisions made without your own inner guidance will always be second-guessed down the road. Also, our power is given away to another when we rely on others for answers. Everyone has the right to meditate, ask a question, and eventually receive an answer from Silence. The more you do this everyday, the more you will learn to listen and actually trust what you hear. It is very powerful.


Caliber is the ability to recognize, expand, understand, and apply information. It is the ability to distinguish between different pieces of information. Think about the dreams or visions you may have in meditation. You may see all sorts of imagery, but you don’t know what it all means. We can be receptive to a lot of information, but what is the use if you cannot understand and integrate it? It is like having the greatest book on wisdom in the world but written in another language. Valuable, but not useful to you personally. Caliber is useful in conjunction with intuition as intuition helps you to know; caliber helps you to understand.


Resilience is also referred to as stamina. While intuition and caliber are essential, all of it is useless without resilience. It is the backbone of everything. It is the ability to ride the highs and lows of life while still being the same person. The ups and downs are a part of life, but navigating them with grace is the challenge. Even though this world is an illusion, it doesn’t take away the personal feelings that we can get wrapped up in. The lesson plan that life provides isn’t always easy, but it’s the steps necessary to walk in order to reach your destiny. The daily grind on the path can make us lose sight of the bigger picture.

A strong nervous system is essential in building grit and resilience. With a strong nervous system, a person can contain pain and go deeper in meditation. Think about when you first began meditating, and all you could think about was how much your legs hurt! Once you get over thinking about those legs, you can have a deeper experience.

To truly heal, the body must have the ability to contain pain in order to transcend it. Imagine if you were to have a knife in your stomach. In order to get the knife out, you have to first be aware that it is there. Once you know it is there, it will hurt worse because you are aware of it, and the most painful part of it all is pulling it out! It is human nature to prefer to be numb to pain and not want know it is there because that will cause even more pain, but think of how empowering it is when those obstructions are removed.

Here are a few kriyas for the working the nervous system:

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