13 Things You Will Learn at a Level One Teacher Training

You’re going to learn tons of Kundalini yoga at all Level One Teacher Trainings, but that’s not all!  Here are thirteen things you’ll take away from your Teacher Training.

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1.  How to Teach a Great Kundalini Yoga Class

Now listen here, there’s no PERFECT Kundalini yoga class.  Everything flows perfectly as it should, but that doesn’t mean there are never hiccups.  But there are GREAT Kundalini yoga classes, and as you deepen your connection with the teachings, you’ll grow into teaching one.  In the Immersion course, you’ll get to practice teaching to your fellow students, and you’ll learn and grow from one another’s classes until you’re ready to teach.

Take a look at the article “10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Teaching Kundalini Yoga” for my “insider” advice as a teacher.

2.  Benefits and Technology of Mantra

Mantra is a science and a power.  It has so many layers and levels.  It’s a new language and technology to many, and getting to jump into its power and function is so meaningful.

Read my article on the science of Sound and Mantra and find out more about what you’ll learn.

3.  How the Physical and Spiritual Bodies Function

Did you know you have 10 Bodies, both physical and spiritual?  Learn about each of these 10 Bodies and how to maximize their health and your vibrance through Kundalini yoga.

Want to peek into what the 10 Bodies are?  Take a look at these articles on The Ten Bodies.

4.  How Your Mind Works to Serve You

Well, it SHOULD.  You’re going to learn a LOT about the mind in Teacher Training.  In fact, way more than you realize.  First of all, you have 3 minds, not 1.  And then there’s 81 facets.  In fact, the mind is so complex that it’s an entire module of Level 2 Teacher Training.  But you’re going to begin to learn about how the mind works, and realizing that it’s your SERVANT is a big key to Level 1.  Is your mind telling you something harsh about yourself?  It has forgotten it’s your servant, not your master.  Teacher Training will get it back in line.

Read more about the Mind in my article here.

5.  How to Live With and Support Your Fellow Students under Pressure

Here’s the thing.  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training isn’t easy.  You’re going to be pushed, both physically and mentally.  Your stuff will come up.  So will other people’s stuff.  And you’ll be living in community so you can support each other through it.  This will help train you to be a teacher because when you teach Kundalini yoga, your student’s stuff is going to come up, and you’ll need to know how to guide them through it.

6.  How to Take Care of Yourself in Stressful Times

This is such an important piece of Kundalini yoga.  Yogi Bhajan talked about how stress makes us crazy and turns our minds against us. But he also taught many tools to directly help us manage stress in a healthy way.  There are many meditations and kriyas that dissolve stress from the body.  Here’s a sample…cup your hands in front of your heart as if receiving communion.  Inhale from the nose and exhale, blowing out your breath into your cupped hands.  On each breath, think of a negative thought and blow it out.  Then, think of another negative thought and blow that out.  You can do this as long as you think negative thoughts, but try just 3 minutes.  See if that doesn’t change your mood.  This is just one of many techniques for stress management.

In fact, I love this technique above so much, I recorded it as a guided meditation on my album Stress Relief Meditations.  It’s called the Guided Meditation for Relieving Depression.  Listen to some of it here.

7.  How to Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are a fact of life, whether they are romantic, family, business, or friend.  Learning how to use conscious communication, control your energy, and take responsibility for yourself is a huge key to improving them.  There are many ways to improve your relationships; this course will teach them to you.

Take a look at the Divine Relationships book, based on some of these principles.

8.  How to Serve and Uplift Yourself and Others

Service is a key part of Kundalini yoga.  You’ll be put into service during the training, and you will experience what it’s like to live in seva.

For me, my work with the Sat Nam Foundation helps me live in service, but I learned how much I WANTED to do this during my Teacher Training program.

9.  Learn the Business of Yoga

Want to start a yoga studio?  Teach full time?  You’ll be surrounded by teachers who have done it…and by students who want to. Network and get inspired!

Don’t forget to keep this mantra handy for the tough times!

10.   How to Meditate and Develop the Habit of Meditation

Meditation is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  If you’re considering Teacher Training, you’ve likely meditated before and want to deepen your practice.  You will be meditating SO MUCH during Teacher Training, you’ll feel like an Olympian.

Discover more about meditation here.

11.  How to Speak Your Truth

You’ve got to be you and speak your truth in this life to feel fulfilled.  The Teacher Training program inspires us all to speak out and speak up for truth, for our hearts, and to live in truth each day while allowing others to do the same.

Here’s a meditation that can help you speak more consciously.

12.  How to Integrate Your Yoga Practice into Everyday Life

Kundalini yoga teachers live a practice.  You’re going to be in an environment where Kundalini yoga is a daily part of your reality, and it will become easier to integrate your yoga into your life.  Trust me, post-Teacher Training, Kundalini yoga is a daily part of my life, and you’ll find ways to make your practice a part of yours, too.

You can learn more about sadhana, or daily practice, here.

13.  Tips on Creating Varied and Delicious Vegetarian Meals

Eating yogically is delicious and learning to create wonderful vegetarian meals is a perk of this training!  You might discover Kitcharee, the quintessential Kundalini yoga meal, which is mung beans and rice made with Indian spices.  It’s delicious!

Not ready to become a teacher, but looking for deeper knowledge of the Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga?


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