White Cotton Clothing makes you feel bright and radiant.   Your projection can feel so much more powerful when you are wearing white.

ruffled cardiganWhen I walked into YogaWest, Los Angeles, 8 years ago, I noticed 
everyone was wearing white or many shades of white. It was the
 beginning of summer so I accepted it as a fad, and thought, ” how
 nice”.  Little did I know there was a whole science behind it. I never
 did like wearing white as I preferred the darker clothes that fit my 
rough-and-tough tom-boyish active lifestyle.
As I practiced more and more Kundalini Yoga, I occasionally tried on a
 bandana or scarf to cover my head and wore the plain cotton t-shirts I had
 in the closet. It was a shift from dressing down into my stretchy and
 colorful clothing for workouts to the idea of dressing up to work-out.
 Who would have thought to wear clean white clothing to work-out? That
 was before my work-outs ended in meditation.

In Kundalini Yoga, I 
worked-out, or did physical movements to release the erratic energy in 
my body or to balance the energy in my body in order to sit down and 
meditate. I completely missed that step in my decades of working out.
When I first wore white, I noticed I was receiving a lot of looks,
 and dare I say attention.  Perhaps it was my poor sense of self or the
 insecurities of being looked that made me question my decision of
 wearing white that day. I constantly worried about getting my whites 
dirty or rushing to the bathroom to quickly scrub away a stain.  At
 some point, I pondered the idea of keeping a bleach stick in my purse, 
just in case.  I felt anxious and not worthy of wearing white. I was 
used to hiding and here I was announcing myself everywhere I went.

I incorporated white clothes in spurts, when I felt like it or when there was a full moon.
 Over time, I ended up teaching more and more. I did sign that sheet 
upon graduation from Kundalini Yoga teacher training stating that I would agree to wear white and cover my 
head when teaching and adhere to other yogic technologies.

A Teacher can  choose to wear white cotton clothing while teaching. 
White clothing makes you feel divine and represent light.
 The color white presents the seven colors. Cotton is the flower of
 the Earth.  It is good for your psyche, for your energy, and for your
 nervous system. It’s been several years now and I love wearing white. I feel alert,
ready to take on the world, and ready to serve. Kundalini Yoga is not 
just a school of yoga, it is a lifestyle, a recipe to how to live a 
happy and healthy life.

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