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There is an ancient Greek word “aesthesis,” which means “to breathe in.” This word also refers to silent, invisible, heart-based communication. The ancient Greeks knew that conscious breathing and heart-based communication were inextricably linked.

Ancient yogis also contemplated silent, heart-based communication, relating this practice to oneness consciousness.

So, what does breath-based, heart-centered oneness consciousness look like to us living in the modern world?

Consider someone you love deeply, someone whom you know intimately. Imagine bringing awareness to the way you breathe and consciously changing your breath pattern in this person’s presence. What would it mean if that change in your breath pattern served as your communication with this beloved one?

What would it mean for you to use fewer words to communicate and instead use more conscious breathing patterns to create deeper communion? Inhale for eight counts. Suspend the breath for eight counts. Exhale for eight counts. Hold an intention to acknowledge the oneness you and this dear one share.

Love comes from within, and most often, simply being present to loved ones is powerful enough to bring healing, energy, and light to a relationship. Whenever we feel tensions arise in any relationship, we can always explore our consciousness and see if simply being aware of our own heart beat is enough to strengthen the relationship. Speak less. Breathe consciously.

Heart-based communication leads to heart-based perception. Science tells us that the heart has more neural pathways than the brain. When we do speak to one another in words, we often use phrases like “I think” or “I feel.” How would our communication shift if we took a few moments before saying those phrases to listen to our own heartbeat, silently communicate the phrase “We pulse,” then engage in spoken conversation? For the joy of yogic self-inquiry, it might be fun to try.

Guru Rattana’s book Transitions to a Heart-Centered World offers kriyas, meditations, and wisdom to support your journey into your heart. And the yoga manual Sadhana Guidelines by Gurucharan Khalsa includes the beloved “Kriya for the Magnetic Field and Heart Center.” This powerful kriya can heal your nervous system and strengthen your aura with exercises that call upon the energy of the heart.

May we continue to explore within our own hearts to realize the sacred pulse within the one heart of all humankind.

Sat Nam!


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