AutismI found this meditation in Shakta Kaur Khalsa‘s landmark Kundalini yoga for children book “Fly Like a Butterfly“.

Children can often feel disempowered since adults make most of their choices for them, and can get grumpy when things don’t go their way.  (I think this happens for adults, too, more often that we’d like to admit!)  This meditation can help the little ones keep their spirits up and balance their emotions. Yoga for kids is a great tool you can teach them that will stay with them their whole lives!

Shakta Kaur, in language perfect for kids, recommends sitting up straight like a “pyramid” (read easy pose) with your hands in “wise pose” (read gyan mudra).  Then think of all the times you wanted to say “no” and say NO!  (Loud, soft, however you want).  Really get into the No’s!  Continue for a minute or two and then do the same thing for “yes”.  Say “Yes!!!” to all the things you want to say “yes” to and let your spirit lift.

At the end, say one or two minutes of Sa Ta Na Ma (connecting your forefingers to your thumbs on the Sa, your middle fingers and thumbs on the Ta, your ring fingers and thumbs on the Na, and your pinkies and thumbs on the Ma.)  This will balance you out and leave you feeling great!

If you’ve got a child with a serious case of the “won’ts” and the “no’s” then teach them this yoga meditation to bring back the “yes” and the calm!


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