Dining Out:  An Opportunity for Cheating and Redemption

Ten days in…the key to veganism I believe is to be relaxed and radiant, not facist or obsessive.  Roll with it until it becomes utterly natural, I tell myself.  Remember – why do we as Kundalini yogis meditate?  To free ourselves of the mind’s entrapments and patterns; so don’t let veganism evolve into some kind of control game.

Last night I ordered a French Onion Soup without the cheese.  Like playing tennis without a racket, but nobody died.  Dining out in a “normie” ie non-vegetarian or vegan establishment can be the point at which many of us vegan experimenters may crack, but stay strong lightworkers I say to you!

I had a very dietic onion soup without cheese, a salad, and an herbal tea.  Pre-vegan might have been: Soup with cheese, truffle mac n’ cheese, hot chocolate .  My friend Jean who is waiting for me to get rickets from lack of protein had Dr Pepper Short Ribs.

So I’ve learned some peculiar factoids since starting VeganQuest.  Animal products appear in the most disturbing places.  So far they have been uncovered in:

Doritos with a hint of lime

Chewing gum

Chipotle Pinto Beans (the sauce has bacon)


But life isn’t all full of pitfalls; I’ve been trying some great new recipes like coconut meat blended with organic strawberries and agave.  And it seems to be cherry season in Chile!  Amy’s Organic also makes a rice crust with soy cheese and spinach pizza that I rate an 8 out of 10.  Please share with us some of your yummy vegan ideas!

(Editor’s Note: Last night I ate in, which is much easier for a vegan diner, at least where I live.  I made quinoa with garbanzo beans and cilantro.  It was delicious! How about you?)

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