In this video, Markus and Angelika discuss the beauty and heartbreak of experiencing the death of Tindu, the child of a very dear friend.  This little child’s life taught them lessons and inspired the beautiful song, Tindu, written in his honor.

Angelika says: “The hummingbird is a bird of joy, a bird of joy and love, and also in this case, the symbolism of the hummingbird (is that) they fly so fast, and he just came like a hummingbird. The songs talks of his mom, called Flor or Flower.  And so he came, you know, you picture a humming bird coming, sucking up the nectar… beautiful life and (woosh)…” she motions the hummingbird flying away.

“It has this kind of lovely imagery. It is a beautiful poem.” she continues, “It’s really strong.”

Markus says: “Good friends of ours had a baby and (he) didn´t live very long, just a month and this was such a heartbreaking situation for the parents and for the whole community that was involved because they shared in such a nice transparent way that everybody could be a part of this process and this pain and at the same time this immense love which comes along with that.”

“It is that in the moment of death, in the moment of loss, our senses are getting so much more awakened to what this human experience is,” Markus continues ” even if we can’t explain it, but we feel it. We are kind of suddenly connecting all together because we are all kind of in this together.”

“We are afraid of death. We don´t know, so when this little baby died, the community came so beautifully together.  Everybody sang, wrote poems. This poem (Tindu) is actually written by the grandfather of the child, and he recited it in the funeral and later I wrote the music to it and then we put the hummingbird song from the Native American Huichol tradition to it.”

“So it became for us like a key song (saying) it doesn’t matter how long you live, but when you live, live fully, and with this intensity.  I felt that – how much you can put spark into other people? How much can you uplift other people? How much can you inspire other people? That little baby, without being able to talk, just inspired everybody so much.”


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