I’m so delighted to be leading the next 40 Day Global Sadhana.  We’ll begin August 8th and end September 16th, 2012.  For those of you joining us at Sat Nam Fest East, you’ll be able to share in the group experience together and complete your sadhana with people from all around the world by your side.  Please sign up for our daily inspirational emails on www.spiritvoyage.com/globalsadhana.

I chose this sadhana because I want to see the world transformed by love.  I want every heart to know the sweetness of love and every mind to release the shackles of negativity.  I found a wonderful 4 part meditation that is easy to do, but profoundly powerful.  It is not a physical challenge like Bound Lotus or Burn Inner Anger, but it is no less profound and moving in its effects.  When I do it, I can feel the negativity drain out of me.  I am left calm and relaxed.  I added the recitation of my own “Guided Meditation for Self-Love” because I know that right after we have released negativity from our bodies, we are open and receptive.  That is the time that I want us all to bathe in the healing light of our own love. For some, saying such kind words to themselves may be among the hardest things they have ever done.  To remind ourselves that we are deeply deserving of love is no light task.

Please reach out to your studios and friends, to your families and children.  Invite them to join you in this simple meditation which will take only 15 minutes of your day.  Join us for this gentle and peaceful journey to transform negativity to love.


1) Tune in with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” (3 times).

2.) Meditation to Remove Negativity

Helps with depression, anger, anxiety and negativity.

Eye Focus: Eyes closed, turned up to third eye.

Length: All parts can be done between 1 and 3 minutes.

Breathing: Long deep breathing.

The first part:

Interlace your fingers with your fingers pointing towards the chest.  The right index finger should rest on top of the right.  Curl your ring and pinkie fingers back into towards their respective palms.  Reach out your left middle finger to hook onto the right ring finger and pull it back towards the left palm.  Touch the thumb tips together.

This mudra releases anger and enthrones the neutral mind.

The second part:

Cup your hands and press the base of the palms up into the cheek bones.  It may be a little painful when you press.

This mudra brings joy.

The third part:

Stretch your left arm across the body taking your right arm and pressing the left to the right shoulder.

This mudra releases tension and stress.

The fourth part:

Grab your wrists behind your back and pull down.  Open and lift the chest up and apply a slight neck lock.

This position brings energy up the spine, elevates and calms you.

3.) Ramdesh Kaur’s Guided Meditation for Self-Love from “Journey into Stillness”

Sit peacefully and place your hands over your heart.  Repeat these words (out loud or mentally):

My heart, I love you. My body, I love you. My mind, I love you. I forgive myself for any words or thoughts I have made about myself that were unkind, and I release any emotional attachment to the unkind words others have said to me. I forgive myself for anything that needs to be forgiven. I recognize my own beauty. I believe in myself and in my dreams. I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am blissful, I am. I am at peace, I am whole, and I am loved. I rest in the light of this truth.

4.) Optional:  You may finish your meditation any way you would like, either by sitting quietly and feeling love or by chanting “Sat Nam”.

Here is the instructional video:

Once you understand the meditation, you can do it with me in this video:

If you’d like to recite the Guided Meditation for Self-Love more than once a day…do it!  You can never affirm your own grace and divinity enough.  You can find the track on my album “Journey into Stillness”.  I’d like to honor Ram Dass for allowing me to use his beautiful song “Lullaby” on this track, which sets the tone so nicely and helps me to relax enough to allow these words of self-honoring to really permeate my psyche.


You can do the Meditation to Remove Negativity with any music or no music at all (no mantra was specified).  I chose Nirinjan Kaur’s “Bhaj Man Mere” from Prem Siri, which helps the mind shift its thought from manmukh (the world of man) to gurmukh (the world of God or the divine).  I think there is something magical about this combination of meditation and music, and if it resonates with you, I hope you as well with join us in sharing this sacred sound current.


And if you’re curious who is tuning in for us on the meditation video, its Shakta Kaur from the album “Deeply Relax and Meditate”.


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