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Life has been generously and firmly kicking my butt recently. It is a constant, ruthless, and amazing reflection of everything that is in my head. For each trespass that I claim belongs to someone else, I find it also in myself. Every judgment. Every example of closing heart and mind. Every beautiful, maddening, spewing bit of humanity. If I see it in you then it is in me too. And my perception of reality is, of course, based on whatever is inside me. This is both a grueling process of self evaluation and an inspiring expression of our unity. Yogi Bhajan said it as one of the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age, “Recognize that the other person is you.”

When I first started hearing Yogi Bhajan talk about these sutras for the Aquarian Age, some resonated as true at that moment and for others, I wondered, “how do you even do that?” The idea of recognizing the other person as myself made sense as a concept of oneness but, honestly, I didn’t feel it as an experience most of the time. The answer is starting to come now as I find that there is no “how.” It is just something that is happening, something that is felt as life unfolds and we move through these times of change. It just is – if we are willing to face it.

Life is so sweet in the ways that it shows us these new ways of being and seeing. If we don’t get the subtle then it doesn’t give up on us. It gives us bigger and stronger lessons until we simply can’t ignore it. It seems like those “can’t ignore” kinds of experiences are happening a lot these days – everywhere and to everyone. I love that about life. (Really, I do.) It is through experiences with others (especially those that are unpleasant), that I can now see more of what is in me and accept us both as facets of the One.

What an awesome gift we give to each other, being these reflections. We reflect the full spectrum of what we are as human beings, all the polarities that allow us to recognize that we exist at all. This is a realization of humility, which is sometimes a painful breaking down and other times a welcomed relief . Ultimately, it is a kind and honest lesson in compassion, a blessing, and a gift.

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