Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.53.07 PMThe calendar year of 2012 is a time of dramatic change on planet Earth. We will be challenged on every level to adapt and maneuver through rapidly changing circumstances and social unrest. Why so? The overall number for the year is a 5 (2+0+1+2=5), and 5 represents a restless intensity which seeks to express it’s self through bold action and impulsive behavior. There is drama at play in a “no holds barred” arena when number 5 lets loose.

We are seeing the result of this as people have become increasingly frustrated with the present structures of education, medicine, finance, and government. Five represents revolt, and as sections of our society are feeling ignored or unheard we can expect to see a greater use of force by different factions. Currently the protests are peaceful, and will hopefully remain so, however 5 is known as the “wild card” number. This means anything can happen. The native American Indians have an expression which says, “Pray to God, and paddle away from the rocks.”

As we venture forth into this fantastic new landscape, it is important to know that there really is a higher plan and purpose at work. It just may be difficult at times to distinguish exactly what that higher plan is. So, I will tell you one of the most important reasons for the changes to come next year. In a word, “inclusiveness”.

Our present societal structure has disenfranchised masses of people who are now at a breaking point, and feel as though they have nothing left to lose. It is a very dangerous situation to have large groups of people who feel as though they are not included, or even heard, and therefore are willing to take stronger measures in order to have their voices acknowledged. Imagine if you couldn’t afford to properly feed your children, or buy them a winter coat. How far might you go to remedy the situation? This is where we must next look to the Gift number for the year, which is a 12. The number 12 represents tribes, and the need for people to band together for nurturing and protection. As events unfold in 2012 we will see the necessity for people of similar geography, interest, and purpose banding together to help one another. Twelve reduces down to 3, and number 3 represents issues of nurturing, creativity, and what we call in the yogic terminology the “Positive Mind”. The Positive Mind is an aspect of our thought process which says, “There are no problems, only solutions!”  We will need this “can do” spirit to respond creatively and consciously to the rapidly changing circumstances. In our emerging tribal paradigm there will be the opportunity to dip into the wellspring of what is called the “collective pool of intelligence”. Through this collective mindset anything can be solved.

As we look again to the Gift of this year, number 3 (last two digits of the year), it is significant to note that 3 represents children and their creative, joyful energy.  As we adults are scratching our heads over a seemingly impossible problem, a 12 year old may come along and say, “Well, why don’t you just do it this way?”  To which we may likely hear the adult response of, “Oh yeah,…right, I was just thinking of that!”

The theme of inclusiveness needs to be incorporated into the inclusion of our youth.

The children born from 1999 onward are of a different vibrational frequency than before.

They have come here to be a direct working part of the Aquarian Age shift. At their individual age and maturity level their words and insights need to be factored into the solution equation. Can you ever remember as a child seeing your parents having an argument, and thinking to yourself, “It’s so obvious, if they would just stop killing each other it could be worked out.”

Looking again to 5, the overall number for the year, it is significant to note that 5 is the Earth Element. Yes, you probably guessed it, earth changes!  We have already experienced record breaking intensities of temperatures around the world, along with the increase of devastation through tornados and other natural phenomenon. Just as I was writing this, I noticed the phonetic structure of the word “devastation”, and thought how it could be re-built into the words “Deva station”. As yogis we know that the Devas are the creative divine light beings who are present in the ethers, and would like to be invited to Earth to lend a helping hand. Your prayer is their invitation.

Now is the time to connect with your tribal members who hold the values of conscious right action, so that you may be a part of the creative unfolding of the Aquarian Age. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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