The month of December brings us to the long anticipated, much talked about, and thoroughly dramatized date of 12-21-2012. No, it is not the “end of the world” as some people have chosen to believe, rather it is an entirely new beginning. Have you ever wished, hoped or longed for a second chance in life? Maybe some of your heart’s desires have not come to fruition, and there is a lingering sadness or frustration.

The date of 12-21-2012 is a cosmic re-set date, a specific point in time and space where a wave of energy will be released from the center of our galaxy.  Whether the doors and windows rattle and shake is not as significant as the realization that your thoughts will now have the ability to manifest into reality very quickly. This may sound like science fiction, however, it’s not!

There is a dynamic which exists in the realm of spiritual physics, and that would be something called an “Intention Vortex.” An Intention Vortex is a field of energy created by an individual or group of people gathered together. Through linking their mental, emotional, and spiritual energies, a tangible force field is generated which may be projected anywhere in the world. This positive energy is often created through mantra, meditation and prayer. Numerous studies have been done in hospitals which have documented the recovery rate of patients who have had someone praying for them, compared with those who did not. The patients who were being prayed for recovered in less time, and with fewer complications.

We are presently in extraordinary times, partially due to an increasing intensity of severe weather phenomenon occurring throughout the world. As future events unfold, and our Earth begins to change in more drastic degrees, people will need help.

I personally find it interesting that the initials for Intention Vortex are IV. In the world of medicine IV are the initials for intravenous injection. A person is put on an IV when they don’t have the strength to live without support from outside themselves. We are now in a time where we will need to band together, creating an Intention Vortex, as a “spiritual IV,” so others may live. That person who may otherwise have dropped down in despair thinking, “I can’t make it through, I can’t go on like this for another minute,” will make it through because of the prayers being sent to them.

This is the New Age my friends, and this is how we can turn the tide of devastation which has happened, and which may yet occur. I can sit here in Los Angeles, and scoot on out to my favorite cafe to have a Soy Latte and vegan crumpet, but rest assured that the next morning I’m in a yoga class or temple elevating myself through the white light of the teachings, and projecting a beam of light out to those in need.

There will be an abundance of fire energy on the planet this month, as the number 3 (12, 1+2=3) is the Fire Element. Number 3 in the Positive polarity is creative, joyful, and nurturing, however, when it goes Negative it can be angry, destructive and worrisome. We will be witnessing the wild vacillation of these two polarities throughout the month, and it will be like watching a roller-coaster on steroids in a windstorm. It is essential at this time to develop your intuition to a hair-trigger efficiency. The people on the East Coast who were hit by Hurricane Sandy were largely unprepared for such an event. We are now in times where the classic line, “I never thought it could happen here,” is no longer a viable excuse. As we are shifting into a time on the planet that portends greater extremes in weather and climate change, it is wise to have a base of water and non-perishable items in your household as a back-up to insure your well-being. Please heed this advice.

We live in a world of polarity, so, no matter what may happen there is always a positive side to every situation. Looking again to the example of Hurricane Sandy, the NYC Langone Medical Center lost all its power during the storm, and even lost the back-up generator, and the back-up to the back-up generator, due to flooding and a loss of electricity. Who could make this stuff up?!! The nurses on duty in the “preemie ward” (prematurely born infants) were in the most ultimately challenging situation of keeping these infants alive against all odds. They had to evacuate the preemies from the powerless hospital to a location which did have back-up power.

Each infant was individually transported by a nurse who through a special device manually pumped oxygen into the infant, while walking down 9 flights of stairs in the dark, keeping the infant close to her chest, as she stepped out into a hurricane. Thirty-six year veteran Margot Condon said, “Everyone was just focused on keeping the babies safe, on getting them out in a calm manner — the positive intention, it was so strong. It just carried us.”

There is an energetic space which we have the capacity to hold for each other, and often that space is not invoked until the circumstances either pressure or inspire us to move out of our comfort zone, and respond with our great spirit. Know that you have this capacity, and great spirit.

Every calendar year has a spiritual challenge, and a spiritual gift. The challenge of this year, represented by the number 5 (2+0+1+2=5), has been emotional flexibility and physical adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances. The gift of the year is spiritual endurance and balance. Without endurance, nothing in life is sustainable. In our relationships, work, family, and even health, an element of endurance is necessary in order to have the best possible result.

Enjoy the Holiday Season, relax with friends and family, and rest in the gentle knowing that life always goes on, and there is a future for the lovely children of the world. As Yogi Bhajan has said, “That God in you is the power in you. And when you balance that power you are God. Balance yourself and see what happens, just watch it.”  Sat Nam.


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