The Guide to Kundalini Yoga Music!

Kundalini yoga classes always start with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo for tuning into yourself and connecting with the chain of teachers that have come before you. It is a way to center yourself. Just as you would tune an instrument, it is a time to focus yourself and allow the experience to happen. I would recommend Snatam’s Ong Namo or Gurunam’s version if you want a tune at this stage of the class.

Kundalini yoga classes generally have a sequence of warm up exercises and it can be helpful to have music with good instrumentals for this stage as you build the energy of the class. I really like Chakra Chihan by Avtar & Dharam as well the music on both Guru Singh Experiences 1 & 2. I also come back to the Mul Mantra as it is the root mantra for warm ups. I really like Sat Shabd‘s version. All of these have mantras but the overall sound is not overwhelming. They are steady and create a nice vibration.
Kundalini Posture
As you enter into the kriyas, it is often helpful to have upbeat and energetic music. I am a fan of Drum Sex, Feet in the Soul 1, and Meditation Drum for really good beats. I tend to like drum music. If you want softer instrumentals, try Tantric Heart or any of the music of Deuter. For upbeat music with mantra, try the Kundalini Dance Collection, and Mantra Masala by Sada Sat Kaur. You could also use Hari Har from Snatam Kaur, and Dukh Par Har from Gurunam Singh, Laya Yoga by Sat Kartar and Truth from Mantra Girl.

The upbeat music can help power the class through and give some transcending experiences. As you take the group down, I would recommend again going back to more meditative sounds, such as the Crimson series by Singh Kaur or tracks like Jap Man Sat Nam by Snatam Kaur. If you want a nice meditation to finish with our Meditation Database can be helpful.

For deep relaxation, gong music or singing bowls are great. Kundalini Yoga classes end with the Long Time Sun song. I would recommend Hari Bhajan’s version as it is a great tune and really easy to sing along with. She also has a 3 min 30 second version which is perfect for the class. You can just put it on, and when its over, it is a nice way to close the class.

Please share your playlists recommendations below and we will share them with others.

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