Kundalini Yoga has many remedies to help any Yogi where they are along their given path. It just so happens that the Kundalini Yoga remedies will not only treat the symptoms, but also go to the root of cause to help facilitate healing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level for anyone that commits to experiencing and participating fully to the practice.

Early on in my journey, after many years of fighting life through disconnection and anxiety, I took teacher training and began to learn the many remedies found within this tradition. It wasn’t until a couple of years later, after hearing my soul cry, “you have everything you need inside to heal and transform your life,” that I really began to take the practice more seriously. After I heard that inner voice with divine clarity, I realized it was time for a new beginning – a beginning that would allow me to begin my personal meditative journey to explore the depths of my own soul. I wanted to please my soul with connection rather than continue to suffer through disconnection. Soon after I made this commitment and this first step, I was guided to begin practicing Kirtan Kriya as my personal remedy to cleanse and clear my psyche and consciousness.

Kirtan Kriya is for anyone, yogi and non-yogi alike that has an inner sense that something needs to shift in their life but they are unsure where to begin. It is the perfect kriya for new beginnings – the perfect kriya for anyone looking to master one of the fundamental practices of this tradition. This spiritual remedy is a meditative jewel wrapped in divine light that guides you into an explorative journey to uncovering your greatest gifts of self. I would suggest practicing for 31 minutes everyday, for at least 40 days.

I know when I begin the to build a relationship with the divine mantra, 40-days was not long enough. Each day, as I repeated the primal syllables SA TA NA MA, I was instilling the vow I made to my soul to continue to cleanse and purify from within and I just didn’t want to stop. I ended up keeping up with the meditation for almost a year, until I felt guided to move on.

As with any mediation or any new experience you are learning in your life, you will go through different phases of progression as you develop more awareness. You will also begin to recognize the effects your efforts are creating in your life. It’s too easy to give up before you receive the benefits. It’s harder to commit to the process with trust in the divine force to guide you down the awakening path to self-discovery. Stay committed to the connection and relationship you are building with your own soul.

Mediation is the act of listening to the GOD inside yourself. Recognize that listening becomes easier, the more you clear the pathways and channels that are disrupting the flow of your spiritual communication with the divine. Kirtan Kriya will help facilitate the cleansing of the psyche and will plant new seeds of growth and change into your energy field to help you to listen more actively to that still voice inside.

This meditations is one of the first, most fundamental meditations taught when Yogi Bhajan came to the West. According to Yogi Bhajan, practicing Kirtan Kriya mediation “is both a science and an art. It is an art in the way it molds consciousness and in the refinement of sensation and insight it produces.”

The most precious gift and power I found within this meditation was how it subtly rearranged my mind to help me break free from many of the worn out negative habits that were dictating my life and helped me to create newer brighter habits.

There are many that still seek quick fixes to solve or mask everyday life problems. I am blessed and thankful that I was asked to wake up and seek a remedy that would initiate the changes that I desperately needed to make in my life. Kirtan Kriya also called the “divine song” instantly merged with my being and transformed me day-after-day of my steadfast commitment and discipline. I wanted change and I needed change to happen at a very deep level. This mediation gave me just what I needed when my life was very muddy and unclear.

The five simple syllables of the Panj Shabd were my remedy for disconnection and my spiritual cure for connection to the wisdom of the divine that lived inside me and in every one of you.

You can find the complete description and instructions for this meditation in the Shakta Kaur’s Kundalini Yoga book. Also, try phase two of Kirtan Kriya found in the Infinity and Me manual.


Find your remedy. If it’s not Kirtan Kriya you need for a new beginning, than find what works for you. You may want to start with Kirtan Kriya and allow it to guide you to the remedy that would work best for your own soul. Start now. Your soul is already thanking you.



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