Spirit Voyage Proudly Presents: The Keys to an Enlightened Mind with Aykanna!


Aykanna’s September blog series focuses on the mind. In the first of this video series, they talk about the different aspects of the mind from a yogic perspective and teach us a meditation to allow you to be your true self and increase your pranic energy. The following videos in this series will discuss specific meditative practices to help with each aspect of the mind.

The Negative Mind (Second Body): The reactive, protective mind

The Positive Mind (Third Body): The constructive aspect of the mind that is seeking pleasure and fulfillment.

The Neutral Mind (Fourth Body): The reflective aspect of the mind that displays the uniqueness of the soul.

When all aspects of the mind are fully activated and in balance, it serves the soul towards mastery of one’s self. When we are connected to our soul, our life flows in balance, and we are able to let our soul shine.

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Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan
Par Para Pavan Guru
Pavan Guru Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru Pavan Guru
Pavan – The Divine Breath
Par Para – From Beyond the Beyond
Pavan Guru – Breath is the Guru
Wahe Guru – The Experience of the Divine

Meditation Instructions: Sit in easy pose. Put the right hand palm up and the left hand with palm down. Put the elbows by the sides and lift the hands up to the level of the Heart Center. Do not let the hands hang loosely or without balance. Hold both hands steadily.

Time:  up to 31 minutes

End: Inhale, hold the breath for 10-15 seconds. Concentrate on your hands. Then bring your hands together and exhale. Inhale deeply in the original position. Hold the breath and stretch your spine upwards. After 10-15 seconds exhale strongly. One more time, inhale deeply. Stretch your spine totally. Keep the chin in, chest out. After 10-20 seconds, exhale through the mouth powerfully. Relax.

More Information:
Pavan is the air, the breath, carrier of the prana, the life force. This is God in action. This mantra increases the pranic energy and gives the experience of “may the force be with you.”
“Whoever recites this mantra becomes absolutely divine, God in action… This mantra incrases the pranic energy. There is no better healing than this.” – Yogi Bhajan

You can find many versions of the mantra Pavan Guru here:


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