Those of us in the healing professions of the New Age of Aquarius, light workers, who have bowed ourselves humbly to God, the Divine, our Higher Selves (take your pick!), in all matters are given over the task of guiding others to their destinies by our very presence on the planet. There are many interpretations of inheriting the earth. While bowing to the Universal Will does bring many blessings, and this is the traditional understanding, this can also mean the inheritance of the responsibility to continue your work to uplift others.

Giving of yourself to others uplifts the energy of the entire planet, and allowing yourself to become a channel for the Divine gives others a mirror to see their Higher Selves. Keeping your daily sadhana, your daily morning practice to connect to the Divine, allows that Energy to continue its’ flow while nourishing your mind, body and soul. This way it can continue to beam like a lighthouse for those ships in the storm looking for a light to bring them out of the darkness. So take your favorite Aquarian Sadhana album and chant, chant, chant your heart open! The Sadhana Guidelines manual has wonderful information to start you off with a sadhana practice and many sets to get you going in the morning and ready for your chants.

You don’t belong to God, your body doesn’t belong to God, your mind doesn’t belong to God- Your spirit belongs to God only in the essence of its purity. It is your purity, the piety of the spirit which belongs to God. The rest is all yours.

–© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 27, 1996

Your morning sadhana connects you with that purity by cleaning the mind, subconscious and consciousness so that you can relate to your Higher Self.

Sadhana Guidelines

It is our responsibility to ensure that this light is the Light of the Oneness of All and that we show those looking for the light how to ignite their own. Show them how to channel their light to continue the chain of rising spirit and energy until the darkness is just a memory.

Those lighthouses that spread their wings through Kundalini Yoga have a responsibility to spread that light to others. Maybe you have no desire to go through teacher training, but through your own practice your presence alone will bring light to others. As you change, others will see and wish to change themselves. Yogi Bhajan came to create teachers and lighthouses so that the veil of darkness could be pierced across the globe until the darkness could only watch itself disappear.

When you join in the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhanas or group sadhanas of any kind you are doing exactly that, spreading the light to all corners and exposing the darkness for what it is, the light of God.

Enjoy your sadhana!

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