GuruGanesha and the rest of the GuruGanesha Band are have a wonderful time on tour.  GuruGanesha shares his perspective on the magical first concert last weekend in Encinitas, CA…

“We began the night with the title track from my album Joy is Now which is a fusion piece that combines raga with elements of jazz and blues. There was some beautiful interplay between the electric guitar and Hans Christian’s sitara. The crowd exploded with joy and that really got us in the groove.
Then I picked up my acoustic guitar and we played “Bright Star.” This was Michelle Hurtado’s coming out party because she sang so beautifully. She is a real superstar in the making. The whole band is an amazing harmonic convergence of great souls and the evening was filled with mesmerizing instrumental solos from Daniel Paul, Hans Christian and Gurusangat Singh.

We ended the first set performing “Kundalini Surjhee,” with everyone chanting ecstatic Wahe Gurus at the end. The second set began with “Bhaja Man Mere” from Kundalini Surjhee. We really sat inside it. It was so slow and sweet. We had over 200 people singing long Sat Nams. At the end of the song we had one of those Deva/Miten two minutes silences. Everybody was in such a heavenly space.

Another high point of the set was “You Can Make the Sun Shine,” which we did electric bluegrass style, different than the version on my Kundalini Surjhee album or any previous recordings of the song. Our sound engineer Russell joined us onstage on violin and the people loved it. That’s when the snake dancing broke out. They were all singing “You can make the sun shine any old time, even when the clouds are there.” So true!

We’d had a set list in advance, but we ended up throwing that out that window because it’s not reality. When you’re in the here and now, you have to go with the energy of the moment. Sometimes the divine powers are calling for a different song than is on your set list.

At the end of the show, everybody jumped to their feet and gave us a standing ovation. We jumped into the crowd and hugged everybody. It was a real party, man!”  ~GuruGanesha Singh

There are still many opportunities to see The GuruGanesha Band live!  Visit the Spirit Voyage Events page or to find out when The GuruGanesha Band is coming to a city near you!

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