The Giving Effect After the holiday season passes you may find that you have a few items that Santa upgraded for you that you’d like to get rid of. Maybe you got a nice new flat screen TV and the old big box TV needs to find a new home.

On the other hand…you might be the director of a youth program that could really use a TV for a Friday movie night that you’ve started to keep the at risk youth in your community off the streets.

The Giving Effect is a free service that connects those in need, with those who have something to give.  You just visit their website and type in your area code and you’ll get a list of local organizations and their specific needs.

For example, Bikes for the World in the DC area is looking for ANYTHING bike related! Bikes for the World sends bikes to low-income students, farmers, workers, and micro entrepreneurs in Africa and Central America, who need an affordable alternative to walking to school, work, markets, etc. Who doesn’t want to support those efforts???

This is not only a great way to help out organizations in need, but it’s also a great way to keep trash out of our landfills and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are the organizations in your area in need of?  Check out The Giving Effect to find out!

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