Karena took time after teaching a heart-opening class at Sat Nam Fest East to talk to us about the frequency of love.

“Imagine a beautiful chandelier,” Karena says. “The chandelier is beautiful on its own, but when it’s plugged in, it shines, illuminates, and attracts.” The chandelier is just like us – when we are plugged in to the divine source we are radiant beings.

When we are tapped in to God’s love, we can change the energy around us and uplift others and our environment. “The frequency of love is so powerful that even the reactions of others can not survive in it,” Karena explains. “It’s not enough just to change our minds. We have to change the energy around us to be a energy field of love and light.”

Kundalini yoga, mantra, sound and the breath are means of transportation to take us out of fear and bring us into the highest frequency – love. These technologies can enhance our radiant body and create a magnetic force of light around us but only if we allow the heart to lead the way.


Join Karena and Simrit for a kundalini yoga and sacred sound retreat in Play Secreto, Mexico. You can find more information about this heart-opening retreat here.


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