We are greatly affected by the energies around us and sometimes these energies can control our whole lives.  How we are as people can be a direct result of the energies we allow ourselves to be affected by.  If we are unaware of how these energies influence us, we can easily be led by the prevailing energies surrounding us.

In any society, no matter what part of the world you live in, there is a collective consciousness which is the dominating energy of the area or region.  Cultures, religions, and organizations are built and sustained on these energies.  As individuals, we also have an energy which is our collective consciousness, and it is built from the experiences we have had.  Most often people – even ones who believe they are in full control of their lives – are unaware of the collective nature of energy, whether it is that of an individual consciousness or of a group.

If we are unaware of the influence the surrounding energies have on us, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, we are being led by that which is outside of ourselves.  If we allow ourselves to be led in this way, we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by whatever comes our way.  We will be riding a roller coaster of pleasure and suffering, unaware of the effects and influence the ride is having on us.

The word Buddha means “One who is awake,” and if you are awake then you are aware.  To be aware of the energies that we live in is to see the influence these energies are having on us.  When we can live our lives unaffected by the energies that come at us, then we can experience the world but not be influenced by it. I call this the “Buddha Effect” because the one who is awake lives in awareness, experiencing the joys and suffering of life, yet unaffected by either.

To live a life of true peace and happiness is to live life unbiased by its pleasures and unburdened by its sufferings.  This is the Buddha Effect and it exists within all of us.  You must turn inward to see the Buddha within for to look outward is to be unaware of the one who is looking. Turn inward to see yourself and when you become aware of yourself, you will see there is you and there are the energies that surround you.

Then you will begin to experience the Buddha Effect in your own life.

Ed Williamson is a Spiritual teacher, and teacher of Tai-Chi, QiGong, and Meditation.  He often writes articles for his web site and blog and has been published in magazines and newspapers. Ed teaches and guides with compassion, patience and loving kindness, bringing greater awareness to all who partake in his classes and workshops. Ed is an accomplished martial artist having trained for 25 years under great teachers and masters, most notably O’Sensei Richard Kim of the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai.   Ed continues to study meditation and mantra with his Guru Priyadarshi.


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