Venturing out into the world of Kundalini yoga can be a little overwhelming.  There are books for success, for art, for kriya and meditations, for women and men, for recipes, et cetera! Where should you begin?  Kundalini Yoga for Beginners doesn’t necessarily come with a handbook…but there are a few books that will make your journey through Kundalini yoga easy and accessible.  While these books are not ONLY for beginners, and even experience practitioners can benefit from the teachings and wisdom inside, they are accessible to all! (And they make a beautiful gift for someone you think could benefit from some meditation!)

Which Kundalini yoga books are best for beginners?

We don’t mind if we do, but we think Spirit Voyage’s Transformation Kit books are the best books about Kundalini yoga for beginners!

Spirit Voyage’s Transformation Kits:

These books are a great place to start.  They don’t attempt to teach you the entire science of Kundalini yoga, but instead place clear and concise information about Kundalini yoga meditations at your fingertips.  From your first reading, you will come away with the information to start a Kundalini meditation practice.  Each book comes with principles for changing your life in a positive direction and meditations to bring about a desired change.  The books include a CD with tracks needed for all the meditations by such artists as Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, GuruGanesha Singh, Guru Singh and Seal (yes, Seal!).  Everything you need to begin today!

Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart — Co-written by Ramdesh Kaur and Karan Khalsa, this book and its meditations are focused on healing wounded hearts and opening ourselves further to love.  Each of the five meditations are focused on a different aspect of the heart be it healing old wounds of love, opening the heart to love, clearing the 4th chakra, projecting from the heart, or self-healing.  The CD includes a bonus track: Snatam Kaur’s Long Time Sun, which is a beautiful blessing for all and ends each Kundalini yoga practice.

Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity — Co-written by GuruGanesha Singh and Karan Khalsa, this book and its meditations are focused on building prosperity and wealth consciousness.  GuruGanesha, a leader in the world of sacred chant and the founder of Spirit Voyage, shares the prosperity tips that have helped him in his own life.  Meditations that include affirmations, mantras for prosperity and dynamic meditations to improve the flow of abundance are all included.  Music from Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh and more are on the accompanying CD.


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