Ajeet Kaur

About a year ago I sat at my harmonium and started singing one of my favorite shabad’s, Jo To Prem. This shabad reminds us that if we bow our heads and offer ourselves, every moment can be a game of love. It was a confusing time, and I remember how comforting this shabad was, putting everything back into perspective. As I sang I felt like my soul vibrated this message that all of life’s challenges were part of this play with the Divine, and if I let go of my fear and opened my eyes, the answers I was seeking would be there waiting. So, I wrote my soul a little song as a reminder.
It went like this:
“It’s written in your heart how to love
and your destiny is on your brow.
The answers you seek are all around,
All you have to do is bow.”
I just got off Skype with my best friend and bandmate Sukhmani. While we both love this wild and busy life as touring musicians, sometimes we feel like there is no ground under our feet and look to each other for answers. Of course, we always redirect each other to find the answers within. One of our favorite things to do when we get overwhelmed is to get out the tarot deck. Today over Skype, her in England and me in New Hampshire, we spent hours with our tarot cards, looking at our lives reflected in these images. Teachers, Gurus, tarot cards, there’s no magic there, they are all just reflections, shining back at us the answers that are already within. Let’s open our eyes, open our hearts, and open ourselves to listen deeply, knowing that everything plays its perfect role in this game of love.

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