My boyfriend has been suffering from bilateral epicondylitis for six months; this syndrome is also known as “tennis elbow” but in this case it has nothing to do with sports and everything with… computers! Hours and hours spent working in the same position, in front of a screen, typing and clicking away as quickly as possible to deliver within deadline and answer clients’ requests in real time.

So, after trying nearly every western known therapy with almost no results, yesterday we went to see an acupuncturist. And there, the simple truth arrived in an astonishing yet wise answer: “Easy”, said the acupuncturist, “that wound never happen if you climbed a tree eight hours a day. We are not made to spend the whole day sitting in front of a computer.”

E-mail, telephone calls, surfing the net, sending tweets and using social networks: the digital immersion, for most of us, is continuous, from work to private life. Out of the office, commercials entertain us in a video waiting for the train or bus that will take us back home, while during the journey we will probably pass the time calling everybody who crosses our mind or playing our favorite game on our smart phone. Finally we are home and it’s absolutely necessary to check our private email, but once there… how to resist logging in to our favorite social network “just a second” to keep up with today’s news? It’s done: a video, our neighbor’s last holiday’s photos, some “likes” to our friend’s status… While in the next room the TV goes on in the background.

So “natural” has the digital omnipresence become that it’s not easy to perceive its consequences on our physical and mental well-being. Nevertheless, researchers have spread the alarm and it’s called “Technostress”: it’s produced by the cerebral information overload and some of its effects are: anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, panic attacks, memory disorders and loss of concentration.

Yogi Bhajan anticipated this, talking about “cold depression” and chronic fatigue as the two plagues of the Aquarian Age. When the external inputs are more than our actual capacity to elaborate and answer them, we use up our energy reserve; we are depressed and we don’t even realize that, because we keep the activity threshold high; we are completely detached from ourselves, isolated from our soul, far from nature and its own rhythms.

How can we regain possession of our time and inner listening without turning down the obvious advantages that the technological progress offers? How to detox if we cannot avoid using screens and keyboards for most of the day? Let intuition drive you, go back to the essence, the simple, the source.

Kundalini Yoga offers us many useful tools to assist us in this journey back home. Just find a calm and cozy place in your home and sit with a natural blanket to cover your back, close your eyes and the process has already started.

A good series that can help you in a fast yet powerful way is the “Kriya to Balance and Recharge the Nervous and Immune System”, from Relax and Renew . It balances the systems (three “powers”) in the body: parasympathatic, sympathetic and nerve-active systems. It builds your intuition, so you can act in full harmony with your true self.

A very powerful tool you can add to your meditation or relaxation is the sound of the Tibetan or crystal bowls, a total gift which will allow you to release any tension accumulated in your tissues, muscles and mind waves. Just surrender to the beautiful celestial sound and let the vibration pass through your body and your mind. When I first came to hear Ashana and her crystal bowls, it was like opening a treasure chest and diving into its sparkling light…

Pranayama is also a precious help to get back to our true selves anytime the external “bombing” drags us out of the center. Among the many breathing techniques Yogi Bhajan taught, there is one Pranayama I especially like and I often turn to when I feel my brain is going on an information overload: it’s the “NGO for happiness and peace within”, contained in Praana, Praanee, Praanayam.

And last but not least… how about a hot bath with the magical flavor of a wisely-blended mix of essential oils, prepared according to the Aromatherapy principles to re-connect body, mind and soul and give you an experience of deep inner listening? Then the Still Point Blend is what you need…

And if all of these don’t work… well then, head back to the jungle!


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