Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 6.27.04 PMWe are all born creative. The very act of our birth is creative. It’s creation itself. And from that point on, in every moment we live and breath, we are creating new experiences, new expressions of life that have never existed before.

The notion that we are separate from creativity is an illusion. Yet, this perceived block somehow has the power to keep us stuck, preventing us from accessing the creative pulse of the Universe that dwells within us.

This “Meditation for Creative Flow,” which can be found in the KRIYA yoga manual, allows us to move beyond this limiting belief and dissolve the veil between our finite selves and the Infinite Creative Force available to all. It allows us to tune into the part of ourselves that is whole, with an endless flow of unique expression.

Meditation for Creative Flow

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

With the elbows relaxed by the sides, lift the hands, palm up, until they meet in front of the body at the level of the diaphragm. Bring the right hand on top of the left and rest it there. The fingers cross each other at an angle.


There are two primary mantras used in this meditation. They each use the same musical notation.

Ong Kaar Nirankaar Nirankaar Haree
Haree Har Haree Har Haree Har Haree

To Practice:

  1. Chant Ong Kaar Nirankaar Nirankaar Haree. (4 minutes)
  2. Then inhale and exhale to chant, Haree Har Haree Har Haree Har Haree, Ong Kaar Nirankaar Nirankaar Haree. (4 minutes)
  3. Inhale, exhale and chant Ong Kaar Nirankaar Nirankaar Haree, Haree Har Haree Har Haree Har Haree. (1 minute)

To End:
Inhale and hold 40 seconds. Let it go, and relax.

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