numerologySeptember unfolds a time of heightened sensitivity in the areas of love, the home, and our perception of justice and fair play.  If someone forgets to unload the dishwasher and pick up your favorite food at the market all in the same day, you might start thinking,

”This is so unfair, how could they not love me anymore?”

A healthy sense of humor is a good balance point to any emotional over-reaction you may experience, whether it is you or the other person who is unraveling. It will be exceptionally challenging to remain neutral throughout this cycle, as there is the presence of double 13’s in the Heart calculation. The number 13 can be quick to judge a situation, and with the number 9 (month), present in the equation, there can be a “Bee in her bonnet!” type of over-reaction.

Number 9 represents issues of patience, subtlety, and completion. What is difficult for us to complete or communicate will have a tendency to “broil over.” The emotional flash-point for September can be reached in a nano-second, so your approach to life needs to be steady and intuitive. Your own intuition is your best friend and dearest Guardian Angel in these rapidly changing times. Begin developing a conscious relationship with this higher center by asking yourself the question, “What does my intuition have to say about this?”

A good rule of thumb for September is, “Wait it out, till there’s no doubt!” There will be a tendency for people to want quick results, and this impetuous surging force can get you into a danger zone that may be difficult to get out of. This occurs when the number 9 shifts to the negative polarity, creating a lack of patience and tolerance. Don’t let yourself get cornered into a commitment or obligation till you are sure you understand the parameters of what you are signing up for. Necessary information can be a bit patchy or foggy at times. Part of the reason for this might be unintentional on someone else’s part, as another aspect of this time is a tendency towards absent-mindedness. If you want it around, write it down! The “Post-it” sticky note people will just love me for this advice.

An interesting aspect of September will be an increased desire to find the missing pieces of our heart’s desires. Nine is the mystery number, and we’re looking for new answers! Similar to a jig-saw puzzle that has an unfinished bridge or windmill, we will find ourselves striking out with a quest-like attitude of, “I must have a complete picture to enjoy, where are the missing pieces?” The real answer is that the missing pieces were never really gone, you just didn’t notice them sheltered away in your heart. When we stop requiring or demanding another person to be that elusive missing piece of the puzzle, things will more naturally fall into place. The Tin Man in the movie classic “The Wizard of Oz” always had a heart, he just needed someone to deeply care about in order to experience it. When we give to others the very thing we are looking for, everyone benefits.

It is now important to look at the higher spiritual meaning of the number 13. We are in the calendar year of 2013, and this month of September holds a 13 in the Heart calculation. Thirteen is the number of resurrection, however, in order for there to be a resurrection, something first has to die. Individually, and as a humanity we are grappling with emotional issues that are frustrating and sometimes confusing. “If you would only be this way!” is a common sentiment in our emotional landscape. This creates a situation where our emotional well-being is held hostage by another person’s behavior. Not fun. We are at a point of spiritual evolution where it is necessary to release ourselves from the negative scripting surrounding our expectations of each other. The payoff is that through the old self dying, the relationship with our source energy is re-established. “God and me, me and God are one.” Ang Sung Wahe Guru.

“I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one.” John 17:23.

This is the transition time where the inter-locked pattern of our “old self” can die, thereby allowing the Soul to emerge; resurrected from the ashes of everything that would never work for us in our lives.

Be patient with yourself, and give those surrounding you acres of emotional space to process and release what they are going through. Remember the power of the word, as this is the number 13 in its highest frequency — the power to bless. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, “When you speak from the heart you rule, when you speak from the head you destroy.”  Let us now consciously engage with this higher intention, and resurrect ourselves to a frequency of being that is infinitely kind and gracious to all. Sat Nam.

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