Occupy Yoga NYC

Sat Nam,

In light of the growth of the NYC Occupy Yoga classes and the Global Occupy Movement, we have a timely request, and we seek your help and feedback. We would like to kindly put forward our appeal to help garner some advice and assistance. We would like to call upon you all for collective action.

Thanks so much for your support of the Occupy Yoga movement in some of your Social posts and local participation. Our membership is growing on @occupyyoga (twitter) and http://www.facebook.com/occupyyoga (new page) our Facebook Social Home. The work we have been doing in New York at OccupyWallStreet is getting some small recognition online (thanks to a few Spirit Voyage posts), and local word of mouth, but nothing yet really in the printed press or larger “blogo-sphere”. We are trying to change that. So far, it’s a great start, but the work is really just beginning.

We are spreading the word and getting people mobilized. We have anywhere from 40-60+ participants with up to 100 bystanders watching us do Kundalini Yoga every night in Liberty Park (6pm everynight) in Downtown NYC, Occupy Wall Street. We are reading and reciting the 5 Aquarian Sutras (we’ve included them below) in huge groups. We are bringing in musicians and teachers from Massachusetts and as far as New Mexico. We have 7 different teachers per week teaching, and twice on Weekends. People are getting the message and taking it to those in need.

Sat Nam Fest artist Harnam Singh bringing Kirtan to Occupy Yoga NYC

But this is not enough.

We would love to have you help continue to get the word out, and help spread the light to other cities through any media outlets or connections you have. This energy and emerging period right now before the Aquarian Age turn point of 11.11.11 is an essential time to get the community mobilized. We’re even a bit frustrated more people don’t see the urgency of this time and are not capitalizing on it. We have this amazing platform from which to spread the message of light. The Occupy movement is a rich vein of consciousness ready for spreading the universal conscious message and positive actions to the global scale. It is important to act… Let’s not rest on our laurels at this vital time. A revolution of consciousness is upon us, and all of the teachings, and all of the daily practice, and all of our service… The point of it was clear – he trained us to be the “White Robed” leaders of light at this time, right now.

Fateh Singh Leads Kundalini Yoga in Zuccotti Square

We would like to call upon teachers and student from all corners of our community to act locally and globally now to make a push in their community to get the word out. We were trained to bravely jump into situations of darkness and confusion and lead the way towards the light. We are here at OccupyWallStreet to do that, and we believe the time is now. It has been foretold, and 40+ years we have been waiting for this time — it is in the present, right now upon us, just days before 11.11.11. Let us act now!

Kundalini Meditation at Occupy Wall Street

Please connect with us, and reach out to others so we can see how we can continue to grow this message and bring it to the public, press, and media groups.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher “Ask ME!” Sign on Hari Simran Singh Khalsa

If you need help, or advice on how to start your own “Occupy Yoga” chapter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at OccupyYoga@Gmail.com.

Please forward this email to all of your contacts and let them know we are mobilizing. Blog it. Post it. Email it. And then get out into the streets. People are thirsting for this technology and this message. We are talking. We are teaching. We are leading. And it is high time the world know of the message of consciousness we have trained ourselves to embody, and which we were placed here to give. It is our sacrifice. It is our life.

Very best to you in your mission… We support you. Please keep in touch.

Fateh Singh
Occupy Yoga (for Everyone)

(Editor’s Note:  We’ve seen video of Kundalini yogis at Occupy Boston and know they are building up a presence there.  Where will you Occupy Yoga?)

Kundalini Yogi Hari Simran Singh Khalsa featured in Time Magazine’s coverage of Occupy Wall Street


(Photo Credits: Anthony Almeida, Laura Cunningham)

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