There’s an old gospel song called “Walking in Jerusalem.”  The chorus of the song repeats “I wanna be ready” over and over, reminding us to take advantage of this precious human birth. We don’t know for sure what comes after this life, so it’s important to take advantage of the time we have to work with our hearts and minds, to get ready for whatever is next. I am a firm believer that what we do on our mats directly affects our everyday lives, but sometimes it’s hard to see those connections. We get caught up in the daily grind and don’t notice the amazing synchronicity that happens all around us.  Fortunately we can allow our practice to create synchronicity and abundance in our lives.



Many of us do yoga as part of our “readiness plan,” working with postures, mantras, and meditations to calm our mental and emotional fluctuations. Committing to a 40 day sadhana is an excellent way to open yourself up to whatever the universe has in store. On the first day of the current Be In Flow sadhana, I went to visit my old boss to say hi and see how she’s doing. We had a nice chat, caught up on our lives, and went about our way. A week and a half later, I was thinking about my finances, and I told the universe that I’d really like a part-time job so that I can go to Sat Nam Fest feeling good financially. A couple of hours after making that request, my old boss called and asked if I’d come back and work for her part-time. Some might say it’s just a coincidence that I went to see her on the first day of the sadhana, and that she called me on the same day as I prayed for work. But maybe not. When you practice with commitment and devotion, amazing things can happen.

Group Practice.

If you regularly take yoga classes, you may have experienced the affect practicing in a group can have on your meditation. So imagine the profound deepening that takes place when you are surrounded by several hundred, or thousand other people! Attending an event like Sat Nam Fest, Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice is a wonderful way to jump start your practice if you are feeling disconnected, or to enhance an already firm and established practice. Chanting or meditating with a large group, everyone supports each other and the collective energy will open your heart to the universe. You can also meet new people, who may open all sorts of doors in your life.

Get Involved.

One beautiful quote from Yogi Bhajan says “That’s what you are here for. You are here to serve, here to lift, here to grace, here to give hope and action, here to give the very deep love of your soul to all those who need.” Giving to the world, giving to others is a powerful way to bring things into our own lives. You can’t give what you don’t have, so by giving of your time, energy, and love the Law of Attraction creates more time, energy and love in your own life. The Occupy Yoga movement at Occupy Wall Street is an example of a group of dedicated yogis serving their community and the world by giving of themselves every evening. Organizations that provide yoga to youth, prisons, and the terminally ill are full of people who have embraced the power of giving. You don’t have to give up your job or camp out in Zuccotti Park to give. Spend an afternoon picking up trash in your neighborhood, or volunteering at a local animal shelter or food bank. Performing seva (selfless service) will profoundly affect your life in ways that you can’t imagine.


Let Yogi Bhajan inspire you everyday with this 2012 daily calendar


Know who you are. Allow everything to come to you. Give it away.

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