Guru Shabad Singh is a legend in the Kundalini Yoga chant world. His extensive discography is full of incredible mantra music created to bring you deep into the sound current and into the blissful state of simran. His latest CD, Sushmuna is one of our favorites! This non-stop flow of sadhana music allows you to experience his incredible sadhana live and uninterrupted. We have talked to so many of you that are LOVING this new CD – so we wanted to understand a little bit more about the inspiration behind his new CD. Guru Shabad was kind enough to offer the following write up, to give a you a little insight behind the making of this amazing new CD.


Guru Shabad – on Sushmuna:

The idea for Sushmuna Morning Sadhana Chants was to make the first ever, non-stop flow of music from one mantra to the next. However, we do pause for Wahe Jio to allow coming into Vir Asan. I found that it really creates an uninterrupted meditative flow throughout the entire Sadhana. All you do is press ‘play’ and it does the rest! The album was recorded in our studio on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean in Cardiff-by-the-Sea California. We were swimming and surfing in between sessions, getting our morning meditations in at Parmahansa Yogananda’s botanical gardens at the ashram across the street. I brought in a few special guests on the album including a really great young singer and mantra artist from LA Anthea Jaskirpaul Kaur and of course, my son Hargo from Feather and Dot who produced/engineered and performed on the album with me. He was inspired by listening to a lot of Beck’s most recent album Morning Glory, an album that draws on bands like The Byrds and Tom Petty who are both a big inspiration for my music. Tom Petty and Roger McGuinn from the Byrds are both known for using a twelve string electric guitar called the Rickenbacker 12 string. I’ve been playing the same Guild acoustic 12 string guitar, the same one used by Livtar and Singh Kaur, for many years. It’s on almost every one of my albums. A few years back I bought my own Rickenbacker 12 string and that really made a big showing on this album, adding that huge, sweeping sound to very Earthy and acoustic elements with the orchestra. So, this album is, in many ways, a return to my own roots done in a fresh and exciting way. We brought in many acoustic and orchestral elements, creating a big sound using Cello, viola, and horns.

Guru Shabad Singh at morning sadhana, Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration 2016

Guru Shabad Singh at morning sadhana, Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration 2016

My goal is always to write tunes that have a sing-along quality to them, in just the right pitch so both men and women can easily sing them in the morning hours. And, as is my trademark, I write the mantras in the correct Naad to maximize the benefit of each mantra.


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