5 surprise guests…all performers at this year’s Spirit Fest…will join Ramdesh on Spirit Voyage Radio Thursday August 4th at 5pm EST on www.unity.fm.

The guests range from experienced performers with many albums under their belt to debut artists who are taking the kirtan world by storm!  Each of them sings with love and devotion and will be gracing the stage of Spirit Fest September 16-18 in Waynesboro, PA this year.

As an added twist…the artists have chosen the songs they will play on the radio and will explain just why they love them so much!

Come to the Spirit Fest pre-party on Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh!

This episode will be archived and available to listen to either on Unity.FM in the archives, or as a podcast on Itunes.

Click here to listen to this amazing episode!!!

Ramdesh’s new book with Karan Khalsa…available now!

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