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We love attending 3HO’s Summer Solstice every year.  It’s always a beautiful opportunity to share conversations and meals with our friends, breathe fresh mountain air, sing to the dawn, and study with some of the best Kundalini yoga teachers around.

This year, we loved hearing the voice of our own Nirinjan Kaur singing the all-camp Waheguru Ether Tattva meditation each morning, meeting participants of our 40 Day Global Sadhanas in person, and laughing with people over our “My Spirit is…” photo booth in the bazaar.  You can check out all of our fun photos on the Spirit Voyage Facebook page!

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Karan Khalsa’s Highlights:

For me, the highlight was getting to attend two classes.  Gurmukh and Snatam are always a magical combination, and there is nothing like adding the beauty of Ram Das Puri to the equation.  Guru Singh, of course, was as inspiring as ever.  Having him flanked by two full bands was an unparalleled experience – Simrit Kaur’s band on his right and Jai-Jagdeesh’s band on his left made for a class that was just out of this world.

Harnam Singh‘s Highlights:

Day 3 of White Tantric, which I did with Anne Novak, was such a healing experience.  I loved it!

Ramdesh Kaur’s Highlights:

The best part of Solstice for me is getting to hug all my friends and tell them I love them.  I was very excited this year to release “Journey into Stillness: Guided Meditations with Kundalini Mantra”, my very first CD! I was also deeply moved teaching with the beautiful Nirinjan Kaur.  We had such a special experience and we are looking forward to teaching together again at Sat Nam Fest East this year!

All of Spirit Voyage is looking ahead to Sat Nam Fest East to be held in Waynesboro, PA September 13-16th!

Spirit Voyage’s New Releases at Summer Solstice Included (More Will be Up on the Website Soon!!):

Prem Siri by Nirinjan Kaur

"Journey into Stillness" by Ramdesh Kaur

"Change" by Gurunam Singh

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