Success and the Spirit: Royalty and Wisdom

By Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

I know Thou, Thee

Wahe Guru ji

Give my day prosperity.

Reality, prosperity ,and ecstasy.

–       The Prosperity Hymn. Words by Yogi Bhajan. Recorded by Nirinjan Kaur

Raj Yog. Kingdom and yoga. Royalty and wisdom.

Yogi Bhajan talked about Raj Yog over and over: that to be spiritual doesn’t mean giving up everything; and to be rich doesn’t depend on dishonesty and exploitation. It’s possible and even preferable to cultivate one’s consciousness AND crease success and abundance in life. Otherwise, how can you be in a position to help other people when they need it?

Over the years I’ve noticed something about Kundalini Yoga. Generally speaking, it tends to attract two types of people. Yogis who love to meditate– but who have a heck of a time with their earth plane situation. And people who are very social, successful, and ambitious – but who struggle to understand the more subtle aspects of consciousness.

Kings and queens trying to learn about yoga. Yogis trying to understand how to be kings and queens. For many of us – one aspect of “Raj Yog” comes more naturally. It takes extra work to develop the other part of our psyche.

For myself, I definitely fall into the category of the yogi trying to learn how to be royal. I love to meditate, and have always been drawn, since a teenager, to the study of esoteric and mystical traditions. But for all of the hours that I can spend in meditation, nothing has stretched my brain more than having a home. It means taking care of things constantly. CONSTANTLY. Something needs to be fixed, replaced or improved. The ants show up where they’re not wanted. The foundation is old and needs some extra support. The trees have to be watered and fed. And there’s not a single meditation that can take care of all that. I have to put in the thought, the time, the effort, the planning and – of course – the money.

Does all of this stretch me? Absolutely yes. But on the path of Raj Yog, the practice of living as a royal being, of having things, caring for them and enjoying them – without being trapped by them or attached to them – is part of the discipline.

Reality, prosperity, ecstasy.

Those are the words that Yogi Bhajan created for the Prosperity Hymn – an affirmation in the Aquarian Age to help people open up to the possibility of abundance in their lives. And it fascinates me that he started the phrase with “reality.” The first step to ecstasy is to be in touch with what’s real. With the leak in the bathtub that needs to be fixed. With the electric bill that has to get paid. With the people in your life who need your support – whatever that looks like. The earth plane existence isn’t an illusion to ignore. The hand of the Divine is behind everything that comes into your life, and there is a purpose to all that happens. So be real.

One day, while working on the Success and the Spirit project, I had an insight into my own relationship with reality. Every day, I notice things in my home that I want to replace or improve. But there was always this subconscious tape saying, – “Well, I just don’t have the money.” It suddenly occurred to me that this phrase “I just don’t have the money” was a self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as I told myself that I couldn’t take care of what needed to be done, the more I stayed in the experience of feeling powerless to make the changes I wanted to see.

So I started using the Prosperity Hymn – playing it in the background during the day – to see what kind of an effect it would have. It’s catchy, sweet and upbeat. Within a short period of time, what I noticed wasn’t that my subconscious started saying, “Yes – I do have the money to do those things.” But rather, “Let me work with the Universe to make some of these changes that I want to make.”

Many of us believe in God or the Divine Cosmic Consciousness. We pray to It, relate to It, meditate upon It and have profound visions of It. But do we ever let the Divine come into our lives in the form of the plumber who can fix that leak? Or the guys who are willing to help remove some of those half-dead bushes in the yard? What a shift it is to see the Divine as a manifested, working force in life who creates things for us and supports us on the earth; rather than as a distant Beloved in the heavens that we keep trying to make long-distance calls to.

The deeper I look into this aspect of life, the more I see the profound power and importance of Raj Yog. Many of us begin to study spirituality from a place of healing and compassion. We feel pain in our own lives, and see it in the people around us, and we want to do SOMETHING to change that pain to happiness. Prayer changes things. Meditation changes things. But how we structure the earth also affects suffering and happiness in a very real way.

Look at Prince William and Kate Middleton. Why is the world so fascinated by this couple – as they get married and begin their life’s journey together? Because somewhere deep inside, on an archetypal level, the Raj Yogi is the ultimate realization of the human potential. We instinctively long for leadership that combines vast material resources with consciousness, kindness, and service.  So as Prince William and Kate get married, somewhere in our collective subconscious, the world is asking – are they the ones? Will they be able to live in a balance between heaven and earth, and help other people along the way?

The beauty of this path is that it opens up the possibility for anyone to become that leader, that Raj Yogi. Because abundance and consciousness are not something you have to be born with. They are something that you can develop, in conjunction with the Cosmic forces around you. The more your consciousness unfolds, and the more you can intuitively flow with life and allow abundance to be part of your reality, the more you can serve and uplift others.

For thousands of years humanity has had a tendency to divide itself into two groups: spiritual people who have very little; and wealthy people who often forget their basic humanity. The promise of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma is the unfolding of the total human potential. Embracing the possibility of living life as a Raj Yogi – with wisdom and royalty both.


The Prosperity Hymn is on the CD “Meditations for the Aquarian Age Volume 1”by Nirinjan Kaur.


Editor’s Note: Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance contains the wisdom and teachings of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and was edited by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa.  It will be released at Summer Solstice 2011.

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