Success and the Spirit: In Your Deliverance Lies the Ecstasy

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur will lead a Kundalini Yoga class on Building the Intuitive Mind at #OWS Saturday, October 29th at 4 pm. Tree of Life in Zuccotti Park – corner of Liberty and Trinity. New York City

In your deliverance lies the ecstasy. In your deliverance lies your bounty. In your deliverance lies your bliss. In your deliverance lies your beauty. Everything else will fall short. Learn to deliver. Deliver yourself to your body, yourself to your mind. There are two aspects to deal with: let your soul talk to your mind and let your soul talk to your body. And let yourself know your soul. All matters will be adjusted. All things will be taken care of. It’s as simple as that.” – Yogi Bhajan, from Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance

We talk. We dream. We plan. We create fantasies and ideas. Yet nothing succeeds like success. To feel the bliss and bounty of life, we need to take practical steps to getting something done.

Those steps can feel very scary. There’s no guaranteed outcome. Talking and wondering – that is safe. We can imagine what we want. Sometimes, our imagination can become so powerful that we feel a certain level of satisfaction. We hang out in a fantasy world. “One day, one day…all of this will happen.”

Yet, every moment we fantasize, we waste a breath. We waste the precious life energy that we have been given. Our lives are an expression of Divine creativity. We can remember that the creative work we do is always done in the context of a greater Creative Work happening at the hands of the One. To deliver ourselves  – moment by moment, breath by breath – to the next step allows us to progress on the road of destiny. In that consciousness, we find the synchronicity between our own creative pulse and the Creative Design of the Universe.

Deliverance is not a small thing. Deliverance demands that our physical body and our mind are on the same page of the soul. Like everything in the earthly realm, we have to build that capacity. We have to work at it.

In a lecture on Naad Yoga and the Art of Communication (, Yogi Bhajan talks about how the different parts of the brain do not communicate with each other through connecting nerves. There is a chemical fluid that washes over the brain bringing lightning-fast communication from one part to the other. Based on the quality of that fluid – our brain can function at higher and higher levels of intuition and insight. Yet it is up to us to do the work through meditation to improve that brain chemistry.

It’s the same with our nervous system. Many of us face moments in our lives when we feel we should have said something, or done something. But we didn’t have “the nerve.” It’s not just a slang phrase. Not having the nerve is a way of saying that our nervous system did not have the capacity to carry out the action we felt we should have taken. This lack of command over our own nervous system is one of the biggest tragedies in human life. When we lose our nerve, we lose a chance at deliverance.

Kundalini Yoga, as Yogi Bhajan taught it, takes away the mystery and gives us that mastery on a very practical level. It enriches the chemistry of the brain to heighten cognitive power. It builds and strengthens the nervous system so we can deliver. When we look into 11-11-11 and beyond, the kind of world that we build will be entirely up to us. The world that gets created will be based on ourselves – on the communication and relationship between our own body, mind and soul. On our ability to deliver our true, authentic Self in each moment.

May you be blessed to activate your own infinite potential and rebuild yourself from the inside out, as the Age of Pisces comes to an end and as the Age of the Sensory Human begins.


With Divine Light.

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

Editor’s Note: Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance contains the wisdom and teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and was edited by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa. Would you like to host a workshop on Success and the Spirit in your area? Send an email to:

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