Happy Free Music Friday!  Spirit Voyage and Manish Vyas are pleased to offer “Narayana Vidmahe” from Manish’s album Shivoham.

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About the Album:

Available now for pre-release! Digital downloads available April 8th. Manish Vyas` indelible voice is like a river of bliss flowing through his latest release, Shivoham. Manish, a prodigy tabla player, has a rhythm in his music that moves every cell of your body to the heartbeat of his rich gentle sacred songs and mantras. Instrumental tapestries are woven through the album with a pulsating beauty that transfixes you to every note. These ancient sacred mantras evoke a timeless space of grace and divinity, composed with the purest elements of eastern music tradition. Shivoham can be translated as “I am bliss.” inspired by this sutra, this album carries a spirit of joy, prayer, devotion, gratitude, and meditation. Featuring an incredible fusion of instruments from the east and west including santoor, tabla, keyboards, swarmandal, dholak, pakhãwaj, mãdal, frame drum, acoustic and electric guitar, bansuri flute, piano, pakhãwaj, clarinet, sarod, violin and sitar.

About Manish Vyas:

Manish Vyas is a unique phenomenon in the world of fusion music. A talented multi-instrumentalist and singer, over the last few years he has emerged as both an extraordinary performing and recording artist.

He grew up in a family passionate about Indian music and it was in this dedicated atmosphere that he was first exposed to its many different forms; from classical to ‘kirtan’ to folk. Music, one could say, is quite simply in his blood.

Realising his talent at an early age, his mother initiated him into ‘Tabla’ when he was nine. A few years of basic instruction led him to the feet of Maestro, Ustad Allarakha in Mumbai where his training continued for a further five years.

It was during this same time that Manish was exposed to a totally new genre of music – namely World and Fusion – through meeting a variety of musicians from around the world at the then famous, Osho Commune International, Pune. Continuous experimentation with these musicians expanded his musical horizons beyond Tabla and Indian classical form. During this time a new found passion for melody led him to pick up the ‘Santoor’ – a 100 stringed instrument – and from there he moved first to singing, then harmonium and keyboards.

A dedicated involvement with these world musicians, in addition to Manish’s undoubted talents and versatility eventually brought him into the international limelight. Most noted was his collaboration with World famous fusion Maestro, Prem Joshua; first as a band member of the popular, ‘Hamsafar’ and then as a successful fusion duo, ‘East West Alchemy.’ Together they shared a musical partnership of over 15 years and toured extensively in Europe, USA, India, Israel and Singapore.

In addition to being a performer and recording artist, Manish is also held in high regard as a composer with a talent for creating beautiful melodies. Most notably, mantra queen, Deva Premal has featured many of his compositions in her CD’s.

Manish’s ability to blend his talents together with many forms of world music has brought him not only the appreciation of music lovers throughout the globe, but also to the eye of world-renowned celebrities in the music field. The year 2002 was particularly special, with Manish being invited by Sir Paul MacCartney to play at his wedding in Ireland as part of the Celtic Raga’s Band. In addition he has performed in front of Paul Getty 3, Anoushka Shankar, Sir Jules Holland, Ringo Star and Dr. Brian Weiss.

Over the years, Manish has given countless live concerts and enthralled audiences of hundreds of people. The record breaking number so far was 50,000 in Coimbatore, India at the Isha Fest, 2004 where his newly formed band, India Trance were billed alongside renowned classical singer, Vani Jairam.

With a fan base of both young and old, East and West, Manish Vyas has touched and inspired people in every corner of the globe and continues to bring his unique form of creativity to an ever more appreciative audience.

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