Happy Free Music Friday!  Spirit Voyage, Ananda Yogiji, and Jaya Lakshmi are happy to bring you the track “Wahe Guru” from the album Live at the Altar of Love.

Click here to begin your download of “Wahe Guru” by Ananda Yogiji and Jaya Lakshmi!

About Live at the Altar of Love:

These albums are a collaboration of music that represent some of their deepest, most intimate connection with the transcendental love and beauty of the divine. They represent their soul`s journey and personal longing for the Divine. They are routinely in their daily practice for merging with Ananda (Bliss of the Divine). The two of them collaborated on each others albums along with their fantastic band to create these bhakti-filled magical albums.

The intention for making these albums was to share with all beings a very intimate way of merging with the divine. Music that would be healing, meditative, heartfelt and timeless. They mix English, Sanskrit and Gurmuki as a bridge for all those who have mysteriously been called to Yoga or teachings from India. The English connects our hearts and the ancient languages align our frequency.

“Our prayer is that this music will be a gem that lights your way on this path towards light, love and truth.With the utmost love and gratitude, we present this triumph of work and share with you the deepest parts of our souls.”

About Ananda Yogiji and Jaya Lakshmi:

Ananda is a musician, who like many have been inspired by the Indian influences of Yoga and Bhakti. His own path took him deeply into the ancient teachings of Yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. His music has a unique blissful energy current supported by Mantras with roots in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, the Sikh holy language. With his musical influences from people and groups like Snatam Kaur, Shimshai, the Beatles and Bob Marley, one can’t help but feel the sincere connection he has made with his soul and how it touches the listeners.

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda’s music is a glimmering reflection of what is possible in the realms of transcendental love. They sing and play music that initiates deep healing and opens the heart to divine joy. Sharing the grace they have been given through their partnership they weave their voices to a combination of Kirtan, Bhajan and original songs. Jaya Lakshmi has been leading kirtan for over 20 years always creating a deep sense of intimacy with the divine.

Jaya Lakshmi has been leading kirtan on harmonium and guitar since 1992 and has made four solo albums on Sequoia Records. A seasoned Kirtan artist, she has performed at many major festivals and events such as Bhaktifest, Beloved Festival, Esalen Yoga Festival and Harmony Festival. She has toured and performed with many well-known artists such as Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, Shimshai and Tina Malia. She is also known as the lead singer and songwriter for the techno-tribal group Lost at Last, which toured the western United States from 1997 through 2004. A gifted songwriter, she weaves English, Sanskrit, and prayers of other spiritual traditions with musical influences from indigenous trance, Celtic, psychedelic, and folk-rock.

Since coming together with Ananda in November 2010, she has been steadily involved in their collaboration of sacred music projects and special events including recording, touring, retreats and teaching yoga together.

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