Happy Free Music Friday!  Spirit Voyage is excited to bring you “Tvameva” by Sudha, from her album Sharanam.

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About Sharanam:

The enchanting voice of Sudha and the meditative compositions of Maneesh de Moor bring to us serenity with this new release of Sanskrit devotional Chants. Sharanam means to `take refuge in` or to `surrender to` – to bow at the feet of that which is our Creator, our Guide and our True Essence. This music is an offering to that Divine Presence which is everywhere, in and around us.

This music lends support to any form of Healing Arts, Deeksha, meditative Yoga as well as a deeply relaxing inner journey.

Instruments include vocals, lush keyboards, bansuri and other indian instruments and atmospheric soundscapes.

About Sudha:

Sudha is a singer and dancer born in Denmark. Among her main interests are the different ethnic cultures of the world, particularly the Hawaiian culture and the Hula tradition, where dances and songs play a very important role. This passion became manifest in her debut album, Planet Love, where she performs different chants from around the world, including Hawaiian and Native American. The soothing and almost angelic quality of her voice, effortlessly transports the listener into a space of innocence, love and peacefulness. Together with Maneesh de Moor, producer and main musician on Planet Love, she is currently performing concerts throughout Europe.

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