Happy 11-11-11, the start of the Aquarian Age!  Today we have a version of “Sat Siri Siri Akal” for you from Guru Amrit Kaur’s “Guru Amrit Sadhana”.

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Yogi Bhajan called this the mantra for the aquarian age.  When we chant it we affirm that we are timeless, deathless beings.  This is one of the “Aquarian Sadhana” mantras.  It is known for giving victory in all aspects of life.

The True Great, Great Deathless, Great Deathless beyond Death, Beyond Death, Truth is His name,  Deathless form of God, Experience of the Divine.


It is said that when we are challenged in life there are three impulses we confront: One is to be alone/to withdraw, another to deny or fantasize about the future, another to live greedily or in scarcity instead of prosperously.  This mantra is to help one overcome these tendencies and give courage and caliber.

Guru Amrit’s Aquarian Sadhana chants will help carry you into the naad of the mantras and bliss of the quantum technology of the Shabad Guru. Experience these mellow and rich sound-meditations during the ambrosial hours of each morning.

Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa, KRI Certified, L1 & L2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Teacher Trainer. Her search for truth has been the story of her life. This deep longing to belong and need to give sense to her life brought her multiple expressions of truth. She became a professional ballet dancer, singer, painter and has a Master degree and PhD with honors in Philosophy. She wrote three books, gave classes in different universities and was involved in the politics of her country, Mexico. She wrote as a columnist for newspapers, magazines, and participated in civil organizations. She married when she was 21 one years old and has 2 beautiful daughters who are now in their own search. In 1999 she began to do Yoga. The inexplicable experience that the incredible technique of Kundalini Yoga granted was so overwhelming that she knew, from the first time, that she was home. Truth is not outside, but rooted in the core of our own existence, love and consciousness. Guru Amrit founded and directed an Ashram for five years with her second husband, SS Babaji Singh, and later became a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a trainer. In addition, she is a Reiki Master and certified in EMF. Currently Guru Amrit is studying Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev Singh and has finished the Level 2 KRI Training. As a trainer she has the privilege to participate with a great team of teacher trainers in Mexico and in the US. She had the honor to help in the revision of the translation in Spanish of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib who was accepted in the different Thakats of India, including the Golden Temple. Guru Amrit dedicates her life to teach Kundalini Yoga, share Yogi Bajan’s teachings and train Kundalini teachers. She does this in several cities, traveling from California to Mexico and Latin America.  She also gives therapies and feels blessed to be able to live in the Dharma serving with all her heart, so other people can have the tools to find their own superior self.

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