Duh-duh-dah! Announcing the next Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana!  We will be working on our Radiant Bodies (also called the 10th Body) with a kriya AND a chanting meditation designed to support our radiance, good health, good luck, and good spirits! Building the Radiant Body helps us develop courage in our hearts. Amazing Kundalini yoga teacher Anne Novak has led us through the Kriya and meditation in this video.  This is a perfect opportunity to learn and master the Ajai Alai mantra, which is a part of the meditation.  We’ll have additional teachings from Nirinjan Kaur and Satkirin Kaur on this powerful mantra!  I’ll also be writing on the ten bodies, so you can learn to understand yourself more fully.  Kundalini yoga numerology is based on the ten bodies, and you will have the option of discovering more about yourself in the process of these 40 days!

We’ll begin on July 27th, 2011 and continue for 40 days…join us and watch what courage a strong Radiant Body can bring you!

Join us to build a strong Radiant Body, learn more about your 10 Bodies, numerology and experience the powerful Ajai Alai mantra!

The Radiant Body Kriya for Courage is in Waves of Healing by Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, MD! You can discover a kriya for each of the ten bodies in this valuable Kundalini yoga resource.  Each pose within this kriya can be held for 1-3 minutes depending on your skill level.

Anne Novak is using songs from Jai-Jagdeesh’s amazing new album “I Am Thine” to get her through this kriya. Let us know what you use for your own journey!


The Meditation for the Radiant Body with Ajai Alai can be done between 11 and 22 minutes.  You can find this meditation in the book Transformation: Volume One Mastering the Self.

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Ajai Alai, which is the mantra chanted during the meditation is a powerful mantra that can lift you out of depression and anger.  About it, Yogi Bhajan said, “Whenever you are in trouble mentally or you are being attacked in one way or another chant these words and opposition will dissolve in your face.”  Written by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, these powerful words are an ode to the Divine.

Ajai Alai – Invincible, Indestructible.
Abhai Abai – Fearless, Unchanging.

Abhoo Ajoo – Unformed, Unborn.

Anaas Akaas – Imperishable, Etheric

Aganj Abhanj – Unbreakable, Impenetrable.

Alakkh Abhakkh – Unseen, Unaffected.

Akaal Dy-aal – Undying, Merciful

Alaykh Abhaykh – Indescribable, Uncostumed.

Anaam Akaam – Nameless, Desireless.

Agaah Adhaah – Unfathomable, Incorruptible.

Anaathay Pramaathay – Unmastered, Destroyer.

Ajonee Amonee – Beyond birth, Beyond silence.

Na Raagay Na Rangay – Beyond love, Beyond color.

Na Roopay Na Raykhay – Beyond form, Beyond shape.

Akarmang Abharmang – Beyond karma, Beyond doubt.

Aganjay Alaykhay – Unconquerable, Indescribable.

There are many amazing versions of this mantra to use:

Anne Novak is using Sat Purkh Kaur’s version on the new cd: Queen Be The Goddess Within!

Anne Novak is using this great new version from Sat Purkh's "Queen Be"!

Guru Shabad's version is easy to meditate with and has enough energy behind it to help you through the meditation!

Satkirin's version incorporates the powerful voice of Yogi Bhajan.

Satkirin's hour long version is wonderful to help you learn to memorize the mantra and play ambiently in your home.

Mirabai Ceiba's version of Ajai Alai is soothing and lovely.

Sada Sat's version is fun and lively.

Sat Nirmal Kaur's version is powerful and strong.

Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry's version of Ajai Alai is magical.

Chardi Kalah Jatha's version is very traditionally Indian. It is strong and powerful and will connect you to the time of Guru Gobind Singh, who wrote this powerful shabad.

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