The third Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana begins today (1/11/11) as yogis all over the world commit to 40 days of Kirtan Kriya.  That we have nearly 200 people signed up (and counting) to set aside 31 minutes of their day is a sign of the times, I believe.  Consciousness is becoming….conscious.  Humans are waking up. People are committing to the health and well-being of their spirits in startling numbers.  The time is now.  And there is no meditation for the times like Kirtan Kriya.

Yogi Bhajan said that if all his teachings were lost, if we had Kirtan Kriya we could successfully make it through the Aquarian Age.  That is no small compliment he paid to the power of this meditation.  It balances our electromagnetic field and adjusts our aura, boosts our clarity and intutition, and brings about a sense of union with the Infinite.  For beginning 2011 ( a 4 year in numerology), Kirtan Kriya is perfect because it brings out an opening of the heart (4th chakra) and a strengthening of the neutral mind (the 4th body).

This is a meditation you can do privately or share with your partner and family.  Children can do Kirtan Kriya (although not usually for 31 minutes).  During the course of this 40 Day Sadhana, I will be joined by sacred chant artists and Kundalini Yoga teachers Nirinjan Kaur and Mirabai Ceiba to show you the many variations of Kirtan Kriya.  (Catalyst Yogi has already graciously provided us with a 11 minute version.)  There are forms of Kirtan Kriya to heal grudges, enhance fertility and relationships, clear a woman’s arcline and balance her hormones and “moon” centers.

Our community on Facebook is strong and vibrant.  Our discussion boards lead to self-discovery and lasting friendships.  To sign up, email

I dare you to join us.  Be brave and bold enough to experience what happens when you sit with yourself in meditation for 31 minutes.  Be curious enough to find out what is beyond your edge.  We will all stay strong and steady together, a brotherhood (and sisterhood) of light.

Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma…

(We will be using Mirabai Ceiba’s version of Kirtan Kriya on Cycle of Life.)

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