Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana: Be in Flow with Your Highest Wisdom

Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur are joining together to guide us through a very special Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana leading up to 11-11-11, sponsored by Spirit Voyage, Omega, Golden Bridge Yoga and 3HO!

On this date, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, we turn the page and move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.  The Piscean Age is all about seeking knowledge and existing in individual consciousness.  In the Aquarian Age, we are connected to our intuition and therefore know all that we need to, and we have collective consciousness to complete our shared vision.  These meditations will assist in lifting you up out of life’s dramas and deliver you to the Aquarian energy flow that will be readily available in this special window of time for all who open themselves to it.

In an effort to get these transformational meditations out to as many people as possible Gurmukh, Snatam Kaur and Spirit Voyage are supported by the following conscious businesses and organizations: Omega Institute, 3HO, and Golden Bridge Yoga. Ramdesh Kaur will host your journey on SpiritVoyage.com/globalsadhana and the Spirit Voyage Facebook fan page, sending emails and motivational messages to help you keep up.

This series of meditations will take you probably 15 minutes to do every day.  It starts off with a 3 minute breath exercise followed by an 11 minute chanting exercise. Combining these two practices is very powerful.  Sitali pranayama is very cleansing.  It slows you down your heart rate and your mind and brings you into a state of Shuniya, preparing you to go into the Waheguru Wahejio meditation very deeply. The Waheguru Wahejio mediation blesses you and allows you the Grace to touch the innermost space inside of you and to merge into the flow of universal light.

On October 3, 2011 we will begin our official 40 Day Global Sadhana to end on 11-11-11.  If you are late in joining, don’t worry!  You can still catch on to the cosmic flow of energy.  We will practice this meditation for 40 days, because that is the length of time it takes to change very deep energy patterns in your being to give you the essential effects of the meditation. Over the course of 40 days, your cellular structure changes, so by practicing a meditation for that length of time, you infuse yourself with the effects and change yourself both inside and out. If you miss a day…. you’ve got to start over again! You can practice this sadhana any time during the day.  We recommend setting a routine to do the sadhana at the same time each day to insure that you keep to the 40 day sadhana!

First Meditation Taught by Gurmukh Kaur: Sitali Pranayam

“Sitalee Pranayam done with the Gurprasaad Mudra of Receiving”

Peace & Purity through Receiving the Blessings of the Guru

Sitali Pranayam has a powerful cooling, relaxing effect while maintaining alertness.  It is said that doing this breath by itself 26 times in the morning and 26 times in the evening will help to detoxify the body.  On 7/30/75, Yogi Bhajan told us that the ‘people who practice this kriya have all things come to them that they need by the planetary ether.  In mystical terms, you are served by the heavens.’  It was originally done in 1975 as a preparation to the healing mantra.

A very well known practice it soothes and cools the spine in the area of the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae.  This breath is often used for lowering fever.  Great powers of rejuvenation and detoxification are attributed to this breath when practiced regularly.  Doing 52 breaths daily can extend your lifespan.  Often the tongue may taste bitter at first.  This is a sign of toxification.  As you continue the practice of it, the taste of the tongue will ultimately become sweet.

Taught also 12/7/97, the Master told us that if you feel negative, angry, upset, just do this breath.  It’ll help reduce any emotions that are disrupting you.

With the posture of the Gurprasaad, it brings a blessing from God to the practitioner.  Allow yourself to be showered by all blessings from the heavens.

With this, we are preparing ourselves to receive the energy of the Divine which will direct us into our True Destiny.  Every person has their own unique destiny.  These sacred tools from Kundalini Yoga help a person to receive in a state of deepest love and humility, all that one needs to be successful and a pure channel of light in this Aquarian Age.

Second Meditation Taught by Snatam Kaur: Synchronize with the Universal Flow of Light


Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahejio

Meaning of the Mantra:

Wa: Ecstatic Bliss

He: Here and now

Guru: From darkness into light

Jio: Soul


We chant Waheguru three times and then we chant Wahejio.  Jio means the soul.  It is not just the individual soul, but it is the Great Cosmic Soul within all beings. When you chant “jio” the touch of the Great Cosmic Soul blesses you in the inner most reaches of your being with the touch of Grace. It is this touch of Grace that gives us the ability to transform and to merge into the flow of Universal Light.

Meditation to practice with the mantra:

Sit with a straight spine.  Hold the hands at the level of the heart center. The right hand is on top of the left hand, both palms face down.  The right thumb is bent and comes under the left hand and touches the left palm.  The left thumb is bent and also touches the left palm.  The bent thumbs are pressed together so that thumbnails touch. Look at the tip of the nose. Chant the mantra given above. When you chant, sing along with Snatam in the “call” and with the chorus in the “response”. Lift the navel and diaphragm in rhythm with each time you chant “Wa.”  (If you are menstruating, just pull in the navel lightly.) Continue for 11 minutes.  When you finish, inhale and hold the breath for 20-30 seconds. Relax the breath.  Then inhale and hold the breath again for 20-30 seconds.  Then relax the breath and the posture and sit for a few minutes in silence and gratitude, allowing the meditation to integrate into your being.

The affect of this mantra and mudra is that it tunes you into the Divine energy that is accessible to all of us.  Yet to access this energy we must be in balance inside and in relationship to the energy.  In the book called “The Mind”, Yogi Bhajan say this meditation connects you to the wider flow of the universe, both known and unknown.  It links the essence of your purpose to the greater minds and souls in the cosmos.  Your message and needs are projected into them, and help and knowledge come back to serve you and complete your goal.  When you are in balance, you rely on the heavens and the greater environment.  You feel a conversation with the universe. Synchronicity is common.  “At the last minute, the Grace of the Guru saves the disciple.”



Merge and Flow by Snatam Kaur

(Any version of Waheguru Wahejio that contains no instrumental breaks or additional mantras is suitable. Snatam’s “Waheguru Wahejio” from Prem, for example, is not suitable because it has instrumental breaks and a “Waheguru” mantra passage. Choose carefully!  The version on Merge and Flow is perfect for this meditation.)

Praana Praanee Praanayam by Yogi Bhajan

The Mind by Yogi Bhajan






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