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Airdate: March 12, 2015

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Galaxy backgroundThis episode is a celebration of the divine, devoted to mantras that use the sound “Har” representing the creative infinity. Har is pronounced slightly like “H-U-D”. You can translate it as God, Universe, Creative Infinity, or whatever divine word you are comfortable with. “It is such a celebratory word,” Ramdesh says. “It activates that third chakra power, will power, and sets your life in motion, in the flow of the creative infinity, allowing the inspiration of the creative divine to be present right here and now.”

The navel is pulled in when chanting Har. It’s an affirmation of being here in your body, flowing, and present in manifested creative power. As the tongue strikes the roof of the mouth, you hit an energy pathway. But, as Ramdesh says, Kundalini yoga is experiential; so try chanting along and see from the inside out what happens for you. “It’s such a fun way of celebrating our relationship with the infinite Divine,” Ramdesh says.

First you’ll hear “Har Har Har Gobinday” by Sada Sat Kaur from Mantra Masala. This mantra pairs Har with other sounds that are all aspects of the creative divine: Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaaray, Apaaray, Hariang, Kariang, Nirnaamay, Akaamay. Putting four Har’s before each one adds a special pizazz! Yogi Bhajan says this mantra will fix the mind toward prosperity or power. Opportunities and prosperity will come when you chant this mantra. You are calling upon and manifesting the creative infinity of the universe. “You’re magnetizing and manifesting all sorts of goodness to come to you!” Ramdesh notes, “without even needing to quantify what it is that you want.” Chant along and bring on the goodness with this fun and vibrant track.

Next up is a track that incorporates Har by Snatam Kaur from Liberation’s Door. The words are “Har Har Ram Das Guru Hai.” Ram Das Guru refers to the Lord of Miracles. It’s an affirmation of the existence of a presence right here and now in your body of divine creativity and miracles. It helps you to manifest more creative miracles in your life.

Many mantras include the sound Har so check out the options on the Spirit Voyage mantrapedia; “find a mantra that you can try on and see what fits!” Haree haree haree har is next. Haree is a form of the mantra Har, Ramdesh explains. The creative potential of the universe is in the Har and this begins to manifest with Haree. “It’s the progression of life force,” Ramdesh notes. Listen to a version by Dharampal Kaur from Power in Peace. You may recognize it if you’re a Kundalini yoga practitioner; this mantra is included in the Green Energy kriya.

“Hari Har” by Snatam Kaur is next from Grace. She weaves a shabd (a Sikh scripture) into the song. This is a mantra that includes the seed of the creative action as well as the action manifested. Putting these two sounds together brings creativity and prosperity, so go for it! Open yourself to receiving, Ramdesh suggests.

Tune into this inspiring podcast and celebrate the Divine creative energy with Har. “Find the song of the infinite within your heart!”

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