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Airdate: April 2, 2015

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More Har mantras? Really? Yes, indeed, there are so many beautiful mantras that incorporate the sound current Har that Ramdesh has extended the exploration of this mantra to a third part. Listen to all three podcasts and you will be off to a great start in learning the seemingly endless array of mantras devoted to Har, the Creative Divine.

Is it okay just to chant “Har” all by itself? Absolutely! The podcast starts out with a very cool version by WAH! from her CD Transformation. There are many powerful meditations in Kundalini yoga that involve repeating Har over and over again. Har on its own is used in the well-known prosperity mantra—this “money” mantra is a way to supercharge your abundance and your financial life. Ramdesh shares precisely how to do the prosperity meditation. This is an effective way to call prosperity to your life, claim your right to abundance and “magnetize the abundance that is your divine inheritance.”

Then switch gears and experience the mantra Har in a shabd or prayer. “Har Singh Nar Singh” speaks to the protective energy of Har. The mantra calls upon the great divine masculine to shield us, and to protect us from negativity, clearing away the karma. You’ll hear Nirinjan Kaur’s lovely version from Adhara.

“Har Har Har Har Hari Nam,” comes next. Hari is that creativity manifesting in the world, the tangible aspect of Creative Infinity that we can see all around us. Nam means vibration, the signature vibration that is the creative manifesting in all worlds and realms, Ramdesh explains. Nam feels much different than chanting Har, so notice how it vibrates on your palate. Nam expands outward, it’s very grounding and physical while Har moves up, and Hari resonates in the third eye.

“You are the essential ingredient in every one of these catalyzing mantras,” Ramdesh points out. So listen and chant along, incorporate mantra into your life, because it cannot work without you! From Pure Ganesh by GuruGanesha Singh you’ll hear a wonderful version of “Harinam.”

Changing pace, connect with “Hariaa” from Shanti by Snatam Kaur. The words are part of a shabd or holy song that invites in God’s strength, drawing the strength of the entire universe to your heart center, your body and spirit. She weaves in the mantra Har Har Har Har Har Har Hari, emphasizing and repeating the name of God to turn up the energy to full volume. Says Ramdesh, “You’re unleashing it like a lightning bolt into your life…so get ready to absorb a whole lot of strength!”

Next up is a track by Prabhu Nam Kaur from Seasons of the Soul, the shabd Har Har Har Boleeai. ‘This is the whole crux of the meaning of these three episodes of the Har mantras,” notes Ramdesh. Boleeai means, “Chant the name of God,” sing with no restraint, really belt it out with all your heart! Join in with this beautiful track, and soar with Har!

If you want to dive more deeply into awakening your creativity and becoming the artist of your own life check out Ramdesh’s creative retreats at awakeningyourcreativefire.com, and for even more Har mantras you can explore the Spirit Voyage mantrapedia page. The bottom line is, “Chanting the name of the Divine feels great!”


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