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September 1, 2016

Join Ramdesh and Gurujas of the awesome band White Sun. The group, which includes members Gurujas, Harijiwan, and Adam Berry, as well as guest artists, has just come out with a second album and –no surprise here—it’s phenomenal! Check out the White Sun I episode in our podcast archive too.

Gurujas says a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this album and the group has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback. The mantra music has even been used by a little boy to cure his night terrors. The mantras have really helped people in their lives, and that is very gratifying: When she hears the stories of how the music has helped others “I can feel my heart widening,” Gurujas says. The mantras are so “functional!” adds Ramdesh. The truth is, they really work!

white sun iiGurujas talks about the mantra Akal, and how it helped a friend face a profound loss, bringing her peace during a difficult time. Akal is chanted when someone transitions, but can also be chanted for any loss; the loss of a marriage, for instance. Interestingly, Gurujas points out that it can also help the soul transition into birth; when souls are coming to earth this mantra can help them land in a graceful, peaceful way. Every fetus in every womb should hear this mantra every day, she says. Yogi Bhajan also recommended that it be played at birth. Listen in to “Akal” from White Sun II.

As an adult, Ramdesh has also been experiencing night terrors. She’s been using the mantra Gobinday Mukunday which unloads the subconscious to solve her problem. On this track you’ll hear a wonderful musician, Grammy-award winner Mamadou Diabate, playing the Kora. On “Gobinday Mukunday” you can “really hear him flex his skills…it’s exciting, dizzying and exhilarating.” This is the fastest track on the album and is great for an” extreme pick me up!”

Gurujas is the mother of a six-month-old daughter so she’s not quite ready to go on tour yet, but one day the group will hit the road. Gurujas shares her experiences with baby Pritham Shanti (which means Divine love, Divine peace) who loves mantra and music. She’s quite musical (and Ramdesh has already booked her for 20 years hence). “She lives and breathes music,” says Gurujas (just like mom!). It’s interesting playing mantras for children who absorb and learn; mantras are written into the genetic code and can become part of their auric field, Gurujas notes. So listen up, parents, and get those mantras playing for the youngsters!

sv_Body_Temple_BOOK_FB_850x315Ramdesh and Gurujas also discuss Ramdesh’s new book, The Body Temple, and how body-shaming and self-loathing will hopefully one day be obsolete with children who are raised in surroundings of Divine love, mantra and meditation. Whatever your spiritual tradition try adding Kundalini to the mix, Gurujas suggests, and see if everything shifts. The easiest way is to play a mantra: Just give it a try!

Listen next to a powerful version of “Ajai Alai,” a life-changing sound code. This mantra gives the aura of invincibility; nothing can touch you, you’re so powerful, Gurujas explains. If you use it enough you can de-code what other people mean behind what they say; you’ll get the deeper meaning and “hear the unheard.”

The show plays out to “Ik Ardas Waheguru.” Yogi Bhajan chanted Wahe Guru his whole life day in and day out, and it’s one of the most important mantras in Kundalini Yoga, Gurujas says. The group recorded yogis chanting this mantra in various locations and put all the voices together on this track: it’s a true community project!

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