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Airdate: December 1, 2016

This podcast focuses on raising our Shakti energy and reclaiming the Divine Feminine. How can we honor the goddess in our lives? Tune in and listen to a collection of powerful songs that uplift the sacred feminine. We rise!

This is really important in our world right now, notes Ramdesh. We’ve been feeling the concept of patriarchy, but what about matriarchy? She invites everyone to embody the Divine Feminine and bring forth compassion, nurturing, love, peace, fire, passion and change!

haseya 300The first piece is the title track from Haseya, which means, “we rise,” by Ajeet Kaur. That’s what this episode and this time in our lives are all about. How can we rise up and rise above, and make the change we want to make, and be the change we want to be? Listen to this song, and get started!

Adi Shakti” is the Divine Feminine power mantra, and refers to the primal feminine. Yogi Bhajan talked a lot about the Divine Feminine and how key it is to respect this in women. Until men are able to honor the sacred feminine there won’t be peace on earth. This mantra awakens a woman’s power and helps her remember that fire within; the mantra also helps men to gain a respect for that primal, magical energy, Ramdesh explains. From Jagroop Kaur’s album Shakti you’ll hear a new version. The Divine Feminine is not just about love and nourishing, it’s also about fire, passion, courage, and strength.

Women have long gathered to praise the moon and connect with the goddess. Here’s a song by Tina Malia about sisterhood and sacred community, “Full Moonlight Dance” from Shores of Avalon.

live in concertMirabai Ceiba has an amazing “Yemeya” chant, honoring the ocean goddess of passion, emotions, and the healing calm of the sea. This wonderful water piece from Live in Concert welcomes change and love.

Peia’s piece from Four Great Winds, “Sheela Na Gig” (Wild Woman’s Dance), is next. If you’ve ever been wrongly told that your inner fire and passion are shameful, this is the song for you. Let your light shine proudly with the wild woman’s dance!

Celebrate the power and joy of the goddess, the rising of women! Many women are oppressed and grieving in these times of huge transformation. But Shakti energy exists not only in happiness but also in sadness and grief. As we move through these times into compassion, listen to “Mary,” a song by Bachan Kaur from her CD Many Moons.

Even in the darkness and the sad moments, we are transforming and rising, says Ramdesh. “The goddess exists in all of us, and there is an inevitable success about her rising!”

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