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Airdate: October 13, 2016

Extraordinary sacred chant artist Simrit has a new album and she’s here to talk with Ramdesh about it so be sure to tune in! “Simrit is a revolutionary in the field of mantra,” Ramdesh says, “she is creating sound combinations, musical experiences, and mantra happenings in such a brave, bold, dynamic and new way….” She is pushing every boundary and she’s inspiring us all to live authentically.

album_front_coverSongs of Resilience is the title. This is a lyric found in the song “Nana,” the fifth track, she explains. It comes from her experience of so many different people she’s met in life and how they have always stood up and found their true grit, no matter how difficult their challenges. With everything going on with Native American struggles, African American struggles, the struggle of immigrants, and so many other issues, Simrit points out, the challenges are many, and yet it’s a beautiful time to be on the planet.

On the CD cover Simrit wears an amazing headdress! “I always like to push the envelope,” she admits, adding that she sees the headpiece as art, and she likes to be a part of the art. She had been thinking about it for years and she looked up some of the ancient headpieces from Crete. In the ancient Greek cultures of Crete the women were in charge; art was valued, and a council of women would wear theses headpieces and were looked to for their wisdom, creativity, and peaceful natures. It’s “not about the turban” for Simrit, even though she respects and honors it: “It’s about my art and whatever wants to come through at the time.”

Women are breaking out of shame cycles and living their truth, Ramdesh notes (to wit, check out her new book The Body Temple) and this album fits perfectly with the progress being made. “You have always been very authentic and very true to yourself, but you’re coming into this crazy power!” Ramdesh says. (Simrit for President, anyone?)

The first track is “Prithvi Hai.” The mantra is Prithvi Hai Akash Hai Guru Ram Das Hai, which means The Earth is, The Heavens are, Guru Ram Das is. The earth and the heavens are both equally important and they must be synchronized; just like the light and the dark, Simrit explains. This mantra teaches that the dark and the light are both needed, and are both one. It synchronizes the lower and higher chakras so we can be in the realm of the heart. There’s a deep drum beat and an awesome bass in this piece with the vocals floating above; just tune in and listen to this mantra magic! Revel in Simrit’s music, and in her “authenticity, vulnerability and strength.”

The second track is “Clandestine.” Simrit took the words from the Tao Te Ching, which has long inspired her. The words are modified a bit to fit the song; one of her band members brought the piece to the table. Again it’s about coming into the realm of the heart, where the real power is, Simrit says.

Simrit’s music videos seem like short films, Ramdesh notes, and she’s created a new music video for the mantra “Pavan Guru” that is totally otherworldly. (Be sure to check it out!) This track is up next and it’s truly a keeper. Pavan Guru is about breath and air, but the video is shot by the Yuba River. You’ll see why! “It doesn’t always have to be so literal,” Simrit points out. (You may feel like you’re swimming through a beautiful dream as you watch.) “She’s not just a musician, she’s a multi-media mantra artist!” Ramdesh says.

Next up is “Sat Narayan.” This is an incredible water mantra and you’ll definitely be inspired to go with the flow. It’s followed by a taste of the gorgeous “Still I Cry.”

Simrit, says Ramdesh, is “a heart with a voice attached to it.” Simrit is on tour in Canada as she speaks, headed to Edmonton. Find out more about her music and tour schedule at And, remember to tap into your own resilience as you flow with your heart!

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