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Celebrate the holiday season with this festive podcast. The spirit of the Christmas season, Ramdesh notes, evolves around the idea of praising the Divine, invoking an “enormous reverence for Christ Consciousness, which is not exclusive to Christianity.” It is any advanced soul who comes to earth and helps us to experience the Divine in a tangible way. Christ Consciousness, Ramdesh says, belongs “to all of the world’s people.”


Listen to Snatam’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ from the album The Grace Within You: Live From Sat Nam Fest 2011

For this holiday episode Ramdesh has selected a mantra that deeply invokes this spirit of reverence: Hallelujah! Hallelujah means praise God; like Wahe Guru it invokes ecstasy and the light of the Divine. It means praise the Lord, and “truly what is mantra if not praising the Divine?” Ramdesh asks.

This entire show is devoted to Hallelujah. Some people worry that mantra is outside of their faith, but the practice really belongs to the human race. “Mantras are vibrational codes that lift your spirits, and Hallelujah is a very powerful one,” Ramdesh observes. Start off with a moving “Hallelujah” by Sat Nishan Kaur from Surrender to really get you in the holiday frame of mind. Then you’ll be treated to Jai-Jagdeesh’s amazing version from Of Heaven and Earth. Up next is “Alleluia” by Shantala from the album Jaya.

From The Grace Within You: Live from Sat Nam Fest is Snatam Kaur’s loving version. imply beautiful! The next joyful praise song is by Aykanna from Seeds of Love followed by “Alleluia Wahe Guru” by Ashana from Beloved, combining the Judeo-Christian and Sikh traditions in “one big ball of love for the Infinite,” says Ramdesh. Then comes Kristin Luna Ray’s track from Where Heaven Meets Earth.

Lastly, a Merry Christmas surprise by the late beloved sacred chant artist Singh Kaur. She left a treasure trove of beautiful music, including a Christmas album. May all your Christmas miracles come true as you experience the poignant “Do You Hear What I

Your spirits will soar as you listen to this uplifting podcast. Celebrate the season, celebrate life and praise the Infinite! Blessed holidays from everyone at Spirit Voyage!





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