Kathryn E. Livingston

Airdate: August 21, 2014

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Ramdesh shares a beautiful prayer written by Yogi Bhajan to begin the podcast. The show is about becoming a living prayer and honoring his legacy, which was one of great peace, enormous wisdom and tremendous strength. Sacred chant artist Ajeet Kaur joins Ramdesh to talk about the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana, “Become a Living Prayer.”

Ajeet will lead the sadhana in the 40 days between Yogi Bhajan’s birthday and the anniversary of his passing ten years ago. “This is an extremely powerful time for our community and a powerful time for the world,” Ramdesh observes.

Ramdesh asks Ajeet to talk about her relationship with Yogi Bhajan and what he taught her about prayer. Ajeet’s mother met Yogi Bhajan when she was in her twenties and Ajeet’s childhood and entire life have been imbued with his teachings and saturated with his presence. She met him a few times when she was very young but always felt close to him through the teachings. He also gave Ajeet her spiritual  name. Even if we never met him personally, we can all relate to Yogi Bhajan through having a spiritual name or practicing a kriya, she points out.

When she was a child Ajeet suffered from an auto immune disorder; when she felt poorly she would close her eyes and envision Yogi Bhajan’s presence; this always made her feel better. She sent out her prayer and intention to be with her teacher and he would always respond. “It’s the phone that always answers,” she says. When we align with who we are we become the prayer, Ajeet adds.

Everyone is born with a capacity to tap into the infinite energy within, according to Yogi Bhajan. Tapping into that energy, he said, gives us strength, knowledge and contentment. This speaks to the universality of these teachings, Ramdesh observes, and to Yogi Bhajan as a universal teacher. Ajeet shares a wonderful story about her Irish Catholic grandmother being aligned with the divine within, and how her prayer for a granddaughter (Ajeet!) was answered.

The meditation that Ajeet will be leading is Ardas Bhaee; this meditation can be practiced to experience devotion, no matter what one’s path or tradition. It’s about tapping into the great consciousness that connects us all. The mantra will be followed with the Guru Ram Das chant which was Yogi Bhajan’s personal mantra.  The first track is from Ajeet’s download only CD Become a Living Prayer and the second, “Guru Ram Das Chant” is by Snatam Kaur from Light of the Naam (although this is now also available on Become a Living Prayer).

Ramdesh explains that you’ll sit in easy pose with hands in Gyan mudra  (a mudra of powerful wisdom) for this meditation. (If you can’t sit on the floor in easy pose, you can sit in a chair with the spine straight.) Ardas Bhaee is about connecting to divine wisdom, and when we do that every beat of the heart creates a miracle, Ajeet says. The prayer is offered, taken by the universe, and perfected by the lineage; it is a true and perfect prayer. Then, join in chanting Guru Ram Das for healing, blessings, and miracles. You’ll connect to the lineage of great masters through this chant. The power of prayer is magnified by the number of people practicing, Yogi Bhajan taught, and thousands will be joining in this global sadhana from all over the world so it will be powerful indeed!

Become a living prayer and connect to the lineage of Yogi Bhajan and the legacy of the great masters who came before him. Be part of this beautiful homage to the master of Kundalini yoga and to the power of prayer in the world. Visit Spirit Voyage to learn more about this inspiring Global Sadhana. “We have an extraordinary opportunity,” Ramdesh says, ‘”to create some serious light downloads for this planet!”

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