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Airdate: September 15, 2016

many moonsBachan Kaur–musician, shamanic priestess, Kundalini yogi, and artist–joins Ramdesh today to discuss her latest album, Many Moons. It’s “pretty darn exciting!” says Ramdesh. Bachan’s voice is “intimate, innocent and straight from the heart” and she’s been going through an incredible personal renaissance.

This album is a leap artistically, and Ramdesh has enjoyed watching Bachan progress from a Kundalini mantra musician to branching out into electronic and dance music, and now to English songs that come from a very emotional, intimate place. Bachan says she is continually working on many albums simultaneously; she brought various pieces to producers and the songs selected for this CD are all related to healing, as well as to her own personal loss and healing journey after her mother’s suicide.

“This is such a rite of passage for you as a woman,” Ramdesh, who lost her best friend to suicide, observes. We recently recognized Suicide Prevention Week; this is something that touches so many. Bachan shares the story of how she transformed her grief. Life is so hard, and the suffering, pain, and feeling of separation may lead to despair; Bachan encourages all people to have forgiveness and compassion. Bachan feels her mother’s love every day, but she says it’s important to experience your sadness and find a safe place to fall apart and let grief become an expression of love. If you’ve been touched by suicide in any way you will want to tune in to this profound discussion.

There’s a beautiful healing vibration in Bachan’s words; listen to the first track, called “Healing Nation.” Like many of the songs on the album, she records when the spirit moves her and then tucks it away. The song came to her while she was running by a river while visiting her youngest sister in Oregon; when she got back from her run she began singing into her laptop speakers. Later the piece was layered with other voices and put onto the album along with a piano part recorded separately. Immerse yourself in this healing song and receive the vibration.

Next up is a wonderful song about body issues, which relates to Ramdesh’s new book The Body Temple. “Beauty and The Beast” with the refrain, “Don’t you know you’re beautiful” really speaks to us all in a universal way. The song came to Bachan when a dear friend /musician was struggling with depression. “We all in our own ways don’t believe in ourselves and don’t know our own beauty,” she says. Our vision of how perfect and how beautiful we are is clouded. This song will help lift the clouds!

The next track is “Lord Will Set You Free.” Bachan says she has a “deep soul, gospel, ancient woman” inside of her which sometimes comes out. She’s learning to allow the spirit to move in her, and this beautiful goddess has led her to deep southern gospel music, through the suffering and pain, to the liberation of reconnecting with God or the Lord, or source.

Then comes the awesome title track, “Many Moons.” The song came to Bachan “many moons ago,” and is connected to her personal experiences of divorce and also to her mother’s death. “Many Moons” reflects the cycles that we go through, the mistakes, the failures, and learning experiences. Looking at the bigger picture, we realize the many cycles of each soul and our many incarnations, and the many moons we’ve traveled together as collective humanity on this planet, she says. There are many moons of darkness, change, light, and growth, she points out, but “the light will always prevail and the heart will always rise again into love; there is no where else to go but love and light.”

The final track you’ll hear on the podcast is called “Your Water.” That’s the “big mama song,” Bachan says. It was gifted to her at Summer Solstice the year of the water element theme. (No surprise that it was raining a lot!) Bachan feels that we need to learn to cry and shed our emotions through the power of tears and grief. The earth needs us to feel both its pain and its joy, she says. will tell you more (don’t miss her awesome music videos, too–go to her fan page on Facebook to find them). This podcast is a great opportunity to get to know Bachan, to honor her mother’s life, to share in the sacredness of all life, and to experience the healing vibration of music.


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